Sherman's Food Adventures: North Vancouver Brunch Crawl (Presented by Vanfoodster & Dine Out Vancouver)

North Vancouver Brunch Crawl (Presented by Vanfoodster & Dine Out Vancouver)

After 3 brunch crawls, it might've seem a bit excessive to go on any more, but for some reason, I did.  I guess that is why Viv only wanted to attend 2...  Well, Miss Y only agreed to 2 as well, including the North Van Brunch Crawl.  Was that a sign I was doing too many?  No way, there's never too much food!  Alas, I had to drag my sorry arse and get up early to eat food. #firstworldproblems 

We began our food adventure at Lonsdale Quay Market, which was nice since we didn't have to wait outside.  Taking the quick stroll over to Bean Around the World, we had the option of either the 8 oz. cup of drip coffee or an espresso beverage.  Miss Y had a Cappuccino while I had the Latte.  Interestingly, there was no actual method to the lineup, so someone swiped my latte...  Anyways, the beverages were pretty standard, but a good start to the day. 

From there, we headed over to the food station manned by Bowen Island Pizza Company in collaboration with Cobbs Bread.  We were served Italian Crostini with either olive & artichoke tapenade or chorizo & roasted garlic.  We got one of each and although the chorizo was something I preferred, it was not heated up, which didn't activate its savouriness nor spiciness.  In addition, we also got Apricot French Toast with strawberry reduction.  This was pretty sweet due to the dried apricots (concentrated sweetness) along with the strawberries.  The bread itself was a touch dense but still soft throughout.

Taking a stroll up the block we had to really look to find Two Daughters Bakery.  Located in the alley of 2nd Ave, we found a selection of gluten-free goods.  We took 2 items to go consisting of an Apple Tart and a Ginger Lemon Cookie.  My favourite of the 2 was the tart where the apples were impactful flavourwise with a slight crunch. I thought the cookie was good texturally (being chewy inside and crispy outside), but it was pretty darn sweet.  Also pretty sweet was the Red Lentil Pancakes with haskap & maple syrup from Cook Culture.  However, that was tempered with an equal amount of tartness from the fermented batter (was appealingly soft and somewhat fluffy).

By this point, it was sugar overload.  So we were thankful to dig into the savoury offerings from Echo Cafe.  The plate consisted of a Ham and Cheese Quiche, Waffle BLT and Cheese & Green Onion Scone.  This was a pleasant selection of little bites where the quiche featured a soft egg filling while the bacon was crispy atop a slightly dense waffle.  The scone was cheesy and not dry at all.  After this, we took the short stroll to Rosemary Rocksalt where more savoury items welcomed us.  Served in a basket, we were treated to Lox & Cream Cheese, Vegan Cashew Spread and Montreal Smoked Meat all on bagels.  There were no surprises with the lox nor the smoked meat as I've had them before (both good by the way), but the cashew cream was good (despite my reservations).  Nutty and creamy, it went well with the bagel.  By this point we were on carb overload and in need of a nap.  Oh yeah, another 2 the following weekend.  I guess I needed a couple of naps...

*All food and beverages excluding gratuities were complimentary*

The Good:
- Right balance between sweet and savoury items
- Enough food

The Bad:
- Not really walkable (you could though)
- Carb heavy


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