Sherman's Food Adventures: Fresh Legend

Fresh Legend

As if we hadn't tried enough Taiwanese dessert joints enough for the Chinese Restaurant Awards, we made our way to Fresh Legend on Kingsway after a night of Szechuan Water-Boiled Fish.  I guess, at the very least, our stomachs would get some soothing action from the hot and cold sweets.  The main reason for the visit was actually for their Mango Sago.  Yup, if we were to find the best one, we had to try them all...  There wasn't much complaining from Emily as it seems like she lives on desserts.

Before we hit the sago, we started with the House Tofu Pudding with red bean, peanut and taro balls.  As much as the tofu was relatively smooth, it wasn't really all that silky.  Furthermore, the whole thing seemed a bit watery and bland.  The red beans were too firm for my tastes while the taro balls seemed too chewy.  We also had the Double-Layered Steamed Milk with green beans.  This looked rather cute as it was served in a small little container.  The milk custard was also smooth while being sweetened by the green beans.  Much like the red bean, I though they were too firm.

Onto the Taro Balls with red bean and tapioca pearls, I found this to be lackluster and uninteresting to eat.  The soup was rather sweet.  As with the first dessert, the taro balls were too firm for me, but the red and green beans were softer in this application.  Transitioning to something fruity and consisting of mango, we had the Mango Pancake.  This was both good and bad at the same time.  I liked the relatively thin crepe as it was soft with only a minor chew.  Inside, the whipped cream was good being only purposefully sweet.  The bad was due to the overripe mangoes.  It was too pungent with very little tang.

Okay, the Mango Sago with Pomelo was really much ado about nothing.  Sure, it was cheap at $5.95, but it also tasted cheap.  The mango essence was not appealing as it was overripe (like the previous items).  Furthermore, the soup itself was watery and icy.  I really didn't like this version as it didn't exhibit the qualities of a good mango sago.  Overall, the desserts were sub-par here and they most certainly did not have the best mango sago. Contrary to what others have said, the service we received was pretty solid.  Maybe they saw my camera?

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Service we got was friendly

The Bad:
- Sub-par desserts
- Ingredients were not the best  


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