Sherman's Food Adventures: Pizza King

Pizza King

Nostalgia.  Sometimes it can remind us of great things in the past (and subsequently the present) or it can just be a memory best left in the past.  So when Costanza raved about the great take-away deal at Pizza King, we thought to give it a shot.  Yes, the place has existed on East Broadway since we can remember, it never really was a priority to blog about.  But with no dinner plans and a hungry family, Viv picked up the 2 pizza and pasta special on her way home.

Other than the pizza and pasta, the family meal included Garlic Bread and 4 cans of Coke.  Other than the fact it wasn't grease-soaked, there was not much to say about the garlic bread.  It was somewhat toasted and somewhat tasted like garlic, but it was more buttery than garlicky.  As for the Lasagna, it was mostly like the typical versions you would find at take-out pizza joints.  So yes, there were overcooked noodles drowning in lots of sauce and only a spattering of melted cheese on top.  Although we didn't mind the chili flakes in the sauce, some might find it too spicy.  I didn't particularly like the use of starch to thicken up the sweet and spicy sauce.

As for the Pizza, we had the choice of 3-toppings on each. They weren't shy with the meat as the pizza was completely covered as well as a good amount of cheese.  However, the crust was a bit dry and stiff for my liking.  I found the tomato sauce to be appealingly tangy, however, I would've liked just a bit more of it (especially near the centre).  Otherwise, the pizza was definitely serviceable, if not pretty pedestrian.  I guess I really shouldn't complain because it wasn't expensive.  But maybe I should not do any more nostalgic visits because I guess things taste better when you're a kid.

The Good:
- Fairly cheap
- Lots of toppings

The Bad:
- Tastes exactly how much it costs
- Not a fan of the starch-thickened sauce 


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