Sherman's Food Adventures: Romer's Craft Bowl (Red Truck Brewmaster Dinner)

Romer's Craft Bowl (Red Truck Brewmaster Dinner)

Even since I attended my first Long-Table Series Dinner at The Irish Heather, it has become commonplace where restaurants have partnered up with craft breweries in offering up similar meals.  It is a win-win-win proposition where the restaurant benefits as well as the breweries.  Oh yeah, the customer wins too by getting a reasonably-priced meal with beer pairings.  So with that in mind, Emily and I attended the Red Truck Brewmaster's Dinner at Romer's in Yaletown.  It is a take on the Super Bowl, except with different breweries facing off to see who is the winner.

We began with a Red Truck IPA Organic Beet Salad which was pleasant enough.  It featured a good amount of tender beets that were sweet with only a hint of Earthiness.  Intermingled with them was goat cheese, wild baby arugula and sweet onion dressed with a Red Truck IPA mustard vinaigrette.  On the tenderness spectrum, there were more on the softer side.  For each course, we were served a beer pairing, so with 3 small glasses, it amounted to a flight of beer.  This was paired with the Red Truck Lager where thit was crisp and clean.  Hence, it didn't take away from the ingredients nor subtle flavours of the salad.

Next was our main that consisted of a Red Truck Lager Braised Rib Duo. Although the ribs appeared to be dry and stiff, they ate a whole lot better than they looked.  I found the beef short rib to be seasoned enough with a fairly rich meat flavour (not much in the way of any hints of beer though).  It was soft enough with a touch of stringiness.  The Maui pork ribs were more tender and moist than then short rib where the meat fell off the bone.  Underneath, the wild mushroom risotto was a tad soft, but did taste okay.  This was paired with the Red Truck IPA which was hoppy enough to stand up to the meats.

For dessert, we were served a variation of their ever-popular donuts.  These Maple Bacon Donuts were crispy, yet a bit oil-soaked.  Despite this, they were still soft and warm.  I had to ditch the maple frosting as it was very sweet.  Even the crispy bacon couldn't balance it off.  Although, the Red Truck caramel sauce wasn't over the top. This was paired with Red Truck Ale where the bitterness really help tone down the sweet factor of this dessert.  So remember when I said it was a win for the customer?  Well all this cost only $25.00.  Therefore, it is easy to overlook any deficiencies when you have 3 courses and a flight of beer for that price.

*All food and beverages excluding gratuities were complimentary*

The Good:
- Well-priced
- As much as it wasn't wow food, it was decent
- There's beer!

The Bad:
- I personally would've preferred one of their burgers, which is their specialty


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