Sherman's Food Adventures: Yaletown Brunch Crawl (Presented by Vanfoodster & Dine Out Vancouver)

Yaletown Brunch Crawl (Presented by Vanfoodster & Dine Out Vancouver)

Okay, I made it.  The last 2 Brunch Crawls of 6 in the month of January (as part of the Dine Out Vancouver festival).  Other than the change of location, there was something else that made things more interesting.  Replacing Inner Fat Girl for this event was Brit (one her IFG's best friends), who gladly took her place.  I think secretly inside, IFG was seething that she couldn't go!  I got some angry texts when I mentioned that Brit could take IFG's place anytime...

Anyways, onto the crawl, we started at Xoxolat where we were presented with shots of Hot Chocolate.  These were thick and rich with the bitterness of dark chocolate.  I liked how there wasn't a whole lot of sugar replacing actual chocolate flavour.  We also tried the spicy version and yes, that really had a kick.  On the side, there was some Chocolate-Covered Goat Cheese which was tasty in my books.  The chocolate was strong enough to stand up to the pungent cheese. Also, we had some crisps dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with cheese. From there, we took the stroll up Homer up to Small Victory for a Cappuccino and Spiced Hot Chocolate as well as a box of treats.  It included a Savory Scone, Pain au Chocolat and an Apollini.  By far, the apollini was my favourite.  It was flaky, crunchy and the lamination was super apparent by the mess I made.  Inside, the cream filling was light and semi-sweet.

Heading deep into Yaletown, we stopped in for some vegan eats Zend Conscious Lounge.  On the plate from left-to-right was a Sweet Potato Pancake with spiced pear, Roasted Vegetable Quiche with red pepper cilantro sauce and "sausage" and a Matcha Crepe with seared fruit and white chocolate sauce.  I'll have to admit that I'm pretty biased towards vegan eats, so it's no surprise that was highly indifferent with these 3 items.  The 2 sweet items were just too sugary, but I didn't mind the cashew based quiche as it was hearty and was flavourful from the red pepper sauce.  Over at Nice Vice Cream, we continued with the vegan theme with a scoop of Mango.  We were given a choice of salts to sprinkle on top and I chose mango salt (seemed like a good choice).  It did enhance the sweetness, but only slightly as the entire thing wasn't that sweet to begin with.  Moreover, the natural mango flavour was all that was necessary anyways.

Continuing on with what seemed like a dessert crawl, we had 2 slices of pie at Lime and MoonI will assume you can tell the difference between the Chocolate Crusted Walnut Pie and the Gluten-Free Meyer Lemon Tart in the picture to the right.   Both were just sweet enough with somewhat crumbly crusts.  I much preferred the lemon tart as it had an appealing tartness (and also I love lemon tarts!).  Our last stop was at Bella Gelateria Yaletown.  On the plate was a Brioche Bun with smoked salmon and Hollandaise, Napoletano Pizza with organic egg, pancetta, fresh basil and mild Italian sausage and a Mimosa (Prosecco with orange & vanilla sorbetto).  Although both of the savoury items were fine, it was too bad they were served lukewarm-to-cold.  The mimosa was rather refreshing with an appealing cold temperature due to the sorbetto.  Interestingly, the brioche and pizza were 2 of 4 savoury items mixed in with 9 sweet items.  Possibly too many sweets?

*All food and beverages excluding gratuities were complimentary*

The Good:
- Completely walkable
- Brings some lesser known places to our attention

The Bad:
- Should've been called the dessert crawl, too many sweet items   


Unknown said...

Next time you go to Nice Vice, check out their Matcha Avocado or Buzz'd!! They also just launched a GF mini cone comprised of avocado, kale, and spinach. I have yet to try it as it is alwas sold out by the time I go ��

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