Sherman's Food Adventures: Chef Big D's

Chef Big D's

On our way back from Whistler, we had this plan to stop in Squamish for some eats at The Campfire Grill. Too bad so sad...  as the place was closed unexpectedly!  How many times has this happened to me!?!?!?  Since we were hungry and I was too lazy to get back into the car and drive, we walked up Cleveland Ave to another local favourite, being Chef Big D's.  Fortunately for us, the wait wasn't too bad and we were seated pretty quickly by the friendly staff (and a window seat no less!  Yay!).

For myself, I wanted something other than brunch, so I went for Chef Big D's Burger with bacon, cheddar, lettuce tomato, pickle and a fried egg added for good measure.  As simple as the burger appeared, it was fairly good with a meaty patty that was neither dry nor juicy.  It was somewhere in between which was ultimately satisfying.  I found the bun airy enough while still standing up to the ingredients. With crispy bacon and a nicely runny egg, this was a well-made burger without much fanfare.

On the side, I decided to have the Beef Vegetable Soup rather than fries.  Hey, after all the continuous eating, it was about time I went for something lighter...  Wait, there was bacon, cheese and a fried egg in my burger...  Oh well, it's all about balance right? Turns out I should've went for the fries as the soup was pretty disappointing.  There was only a modest amount of ingredients in the soup.  Yet, the broth itself was the biggest issue as it was pretty bland.  Viv wasn't very hungry so she shared (with our daughter) the Berry Pancakes (blueberry underneath the strawberry on top) with sausage.  The pancakes were fairly fluffy while the amount of fruit made them good on their own.  Although the chicken sausage was meaty and sweet, it was burnt on one side.

My son had the Kid's Breakfast which looked quite sparse on a large plate.  In fact, it looked like some interesting piece of art.  I think they should've used a smaller plate so that the amount of food would appear to be sufficient.  It was pretty standard stuff and he dusted off quickly.  Okay, as you can tell, the stuff at Chef Big D's is definitely fine for a bite to eat.  However, I'm a little confused as to all the rave reviews.  We didn't come away feeling we got our money's worth.  Don't get me wrong, we were fine with the food, it just didn't wow us.

The Good:
- Homey atmosphere
- Okay eats

The Bad:
- Not sure about the value

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