Sherman's Food Adventures: EI Furniture Warehouse

EI Furniture Warehouse

With the sting of the $32.00 plate of mini-sashimi at Sachi Sushi, we had to keep our costs in check.  But being in the heart of Whistler, trying to get get cheap eats is usually reserved for visits to the Golden Arch.  Other than fast food, the chances of keeping bills in your wallet are as good as not stepping on Lego in my living room.  They hurt!  Anyways, there was one option though where the food is all $4.95 smack dab in the middle of the Village.  With locations in Vancouver, EI Furniture Warehouse gives a cheap option amongst overpriced touristy restaurants.

For myself, I'm not sure if I actually saved any money because I ended up ordering more food.  I started with the Hot Wings with celery, carrots and ranch dip.  Considering the price, the portion of wings was okay.  They weren't particularly spicy due to the extremely light toss in hot sauce.  On the other hand, they weren't completely devoid of moisture, which meant the meat was not dried out.  For my main, I tried the Chang Mai Bowl with fat hoikken noodles, asian greens and veggies, pea shoots, spicy soy chili sauce and toasted almond slivers.  For me, the noodles resembled udon more than anything else.  They were nicely toothsome though.  As for the veggies, they were crisp and plentiful, but I didn't see any pea shoots.  I found the sauce to have a decent spice level, but it was more tart and sweet than anything else.  I added chicken for $2.25 which was not really a good value since there was very little of it.  Moreover, they were in little bits that were dry.

Chill went for a Mexican theme by going with the Hard Shell Tacos consisting of spiced beef, lettuce, cheddar, fresh salsa and sour cream.  We did some bartering where he traded me one taco for 3 chicken wings.  I found the taco to be soft in spots due to the moisture of the ingredients.  The beef was surprisingly moist and easy on the grease.  There was a decent amount of it where it didn't lack seasoning either, exhibiting some spice.  As if hard tacos weren't enough, he got an order of the Nachos for One as well.  These were baked with cheddar cheese, tomatoes and jalapenos served with salsa and sour cream on the side.  Even when considering the price, these nachos were severely lacking in toppings.  Hence, it was like eating plain chips.  They were lightly crispy though.  I found the salsa to be more like chunky tomato sauce as there wasn't much spice.

Mr. Ed opted for the Braised Beef Spaghetti with fresh herbs, hint of cream and slow cooked braised beef.  As much as the pasta itself was fairly toothsome, the sauce was devoid of impact.  It was as if they didn't use any salt.  Hence, we could only taste a faint tomato flavour which was neither tart nor savoury.  The beef was tender though, yet it didn't have any impact as well.  Snake was smart and went with the ol' standby being the Works Burger made of premium Alberta beef, sauteed mushrooms, gravy, macho sauce, Swiss, lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun.  He substituted his fries with a side of Onion Rings.  Similar to all the other times we've had this burger, the meat wasn't exactly juicy, but it wasn't too dry either due to the ingredients and sauces.  The brioche bun was soft where it wasn't overly dry.  As you can ascertain, the food here is not great.  But for the price, how can one really complain?  ...especially in the heart of Whistler Village.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Edible

The Bad:
- So-so food
- Service was sloooow...

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