Sherman's Food Adventures: The Flying Pig Gastown

The Flying Pig Gastown

Sometimes, I think that subliminal thoughts affect my decision-making more than I think it does.  For instance, what would myself, Milhouse, JuJu and Kaiser Soze do after  hockey?  If you answered brunch, then you are either brilliant or peeking at the answers.  We ended up going for brunch at The Flying Pig in Gastown partly because I had it in my head subconsciously.  You see, Viv was out for brunch with her crew at Tableau at the very same time.  I couldn't let her steal my thunder right?

Arriving a bit past the rush, we were seated near the bar, overlooking the rustic charm of the 2-story dining room.  They started us off with some complimentary Banana Bread which we devoured immediately since we burned so many calories during hockey (at least we thought we did).  Nothing much to say other than it was moist and not overly sweet. JuJu decided to try the Braised Beef Shortrib Jumbo Macaroni in a Cabernet mushroom cream sauce.  For a bit eater like JuJu, he thought the portion size was insufficient for the price.  However, in terms of quality and taste, it lived up to expectations.  The pasta was a bit past al dente, yet bathed in a creamy, woodsy sauce that clung onto each piece of macaroni.  As for the short rib, it was sufficiently moist and natural-tasting.

For myself, I started with the Devilled Jumbo Chicken Drumettes.  These were tossed in sriracha BBQ glaze with Parmesan basil sour cream on the side.  I've had these before at their Yaletown location and unfortunately, this time around, they were rather dry.  I did like the completely rendered skin which made it pleasant to eat.  As for the BBQ sauce, it was more sweet and tangy than actually spicy.  For my main, it was as if Viv was channeling into my brain because as she was dining on a Croque Monsieur at Tableau, I got the Croque Madame (sourdough, 3 cheeses, ham and over easy eggs).  Have we been married that long for this to happen???  Crispy and not overly tart, the sourdough did not interfere with the melted cheeses.  The thick slice of ham was noticeable while the runny eggs made this a good dish.

Milhouse opted for the one of the featured items being the Corned Beef Hash with poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.  Again, this was not bad with plenty of corned beef that was more chewy then soft.  The mixture of salty, sugary notes and the buttery Hollandaise made for an impactful concoction.  I thought the potatoes could've been crispier though.  Kaiser Soze ordered what was the most filling item being the Pulled Pork 4 Cheese Gnocchi in spicy tomato cream sauce served with garlic toast. Although not chewy, the gnocchi was firm and filling.  There was a plethora of cheese as well as the slightly chewy pulled pork.  The sauce wasn't particularly spicy, instead, it was on the saltier side.  Overall, we went away satisfied, if not longing for some more food.

The Good:
- Great location and dining space
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Pricey for what you get

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