Sherman's Food Adventures: Palmer's Gallery Bar & Grill

Palmer's Gallery Bar & Grill

Sometimes, I wonder if Bubbly is on drugs...  She is ever-so-happy and buzzes around like she's high on sugar.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining as she is an awesome person and her antics are truly entertaining.  But then again, her restaurant suggestions border on bizarre.  With Chill and I having just finished a round at Pemberton Golf Course, she thought it would be a great idea to meet at the Whistler Golf Course for dinner.  Huh?  Okay... She insisted that it would be a great place to hang out.  And so we did...

We started with an order of Nachos and when it hit the table, we were shocked at the size.  This could've easily fed a golf foursome.  Sure, we had four adults, but we didn't even put a dent into it as more than half was left on the plate at the end.  As a dish, it was pretty typical with crunchy chips topped with cheese, tomatoes, peppers and something different in black beans.  I thought that the guacamole could've used more lime as it was a bit bland.  The salsa was sweet with little impact.  For Bubbly, she had the Salt & Pepper Wings with chipotle ranch.  The wings were super crispy to the point where it was crunchy with well-rendered skin.  Inside, it wasn't juicy, but hardly dry either.  With a smooth start and a spicy finish, the chipotle ranch definitely had impact.

For myself, I had the Poached Prawn Wrap with waffle fries.  This was another enormous portion where the wrap was stuffed with buttery soft prawns (more like shrimp).  Mixed with a copious amount of mayo with a slight kick and red onions, there was some zip to an otherwise mild wrap.  They could've used less mayo though as it was quite wet. The large waffle fries were super crunchy and slightly spicy.  Viv went for the Half Turkey Sandwich with a bowl of Salmon Corn Chowder.  The sandwich itself was nothing special, but it did the job.  However, the chowder was light and more soup-like than creamy, but it tasted creamy though.  The sweet pop of the corn added the necessary impact while the salmon was moist.

For the kiddies, half of them went for the Chicken Strips and fries (yam fries in the picture and the other half had the Grilled Cheese and fries.  Well, these were as generic as these type of kid's meals could get.  Other than the multigrain toast and the use of white cheddar, these could be found on any other kid's menu.  They were nicely executed though and easy on the grease (despite the inherent cooking methods used).  Well, chalk this up to another family-friendly meal that didn't necessarily yield anything interesting.  On the other hand, it did do the job and we did have a relaxing time looking over the 18th green.  Yet at the end, we were quite cold...

The Good:
- Low-key relaxing place
- Kid-friendly

The Bad:
- It is generally "just because" food

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