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Sachi Sushi

Chill is a smart man.  More often than not, he is able to convince Bubbly that while we golf up at Whistler, she would take care of the kiddies without questions asked.  Heck, either I'm equally smart or Viv is just very patient because she is stuck with the kiddies while I'm out with Chill.  This time, Chill had an even better idea - get a bunch of guys up to the cabin, play 2 rounds of golf and then have the wife and kids come up a few days later.  Golf, lots of beverages, tasty food and some late night poker = reliving our youth...  awesome! But first things first, we had to get some lunch on our initial drive up.  We decided on something lighter in Sachi Sushi right in Whistler Village.

Although the menu prices didn't seem particularly scary for Whistler, we would soon learn that lunch would not be very cheap.  Case in point, our first dish was the Assorted Sashimi for $32.00.  If we ignored quality for moment, the portion size was shockingly small.  I thought Snake wanted to eat it all for himself in one bite.  To be fair, the slices of fish were really good having a beautiful sheen and natural sweetness.  These included flounder, scallop, salmon, tuna tataki, red tuna, albacore tuna, hamachi and king crab. I'm sure that their material costs were high, hence the subsequent pricing.  Fortunately, the Assorted Tempura was typical in size with 4 pieces of ebi, 1 salmon and 4 pieces of veggies.  The batter was light and crispy while easy on the grease.  I thought the large ebi was fantastic as it exhibited a sweet meat snap while the slices of yam and sweet potato were just the right thickness and properly cooked.

We ended up with 3 rolls including the Sachi Roll, Mango Roll and Unagi Avocado Roll.  The best way to describe the sushi rice would be moist and soft while still exhibiting a bite.  In terms of seasoning, it was very mild where I could barely detect any rice wine vinegar.  Yet at the same time, it wasn't bland either.  Consisting of prawn tempura, avocado, salmon, scallop, spicy mayo rolled in a soy bean sheet, the Sachi Roll was similar to the Mango Roll made with mango, tuna, salmon, asparagus tempura, spicy mayo rolled in a soy bean sheet.  Both featured a crispy element as well as soft sweet fish.  However with the mango, there was another added layer of sweetness.  As for the Unagi Avocado Roll, it was pretty straightforward with thin slices of ripe avocado on top of sushi rice wrapped around unagi.

With only Pork Gyoza as our last dish, we knew that more food was needed. So we put in an order for some carbs (aka filler items).  As for the gyoza, they featured a thin dumpling skin that was slightly chewy, yet ultimately soft.  The bottom was somewhat crispy, but not as crispy as its colour might've suggested.  For our additions, we had the Yaki Udon with beef first.  It was not overly saucy which meant that the noodles were toothsome.  The sauce itself was a good balance between savoury, sweet and tart.  Remarkably, the the shaved slices of beef were super moist and buttery soft.  Usually, the meat in these dishes are overcooked and dry.

Lastly, we tried the Chicken Katsu Don.  To be frank, this was not very good.  First of all, the rice was too soft.  Compounding the problem, there was a pool of liquid/sauce on the bottom that only further exacerbated the moisture issue.  As for the sauce, it was quite salty.  Although the fried chicken breast was meaty and large, it was dry while not being crispy enough.  Without going into much detail, I'm sure you have already figured out that we didn't get a lot of food for the money.  Despite most items being more than acceptable, we just felt the value wasn't there (even for Whistler).

The Good:
- Quality sashimi and sushi
- Pleasant service

The Bad:
- Pricey
- Small portions

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