Sherman's Food Adventures: Pink's at Universal

Pink's at Universal

Remember how I had to relegate our eating adventures to mediocre, overpriced food of Downtown Disney?  Well, it took another dive as we were stuck at Universal Studios for lunch.  You see, we only had one day at Universal and it didn't make sense to leave for food.  Besides, we wanted to take advantage of our "Front-of-the-Line" pass (so worth it IMO if you got impatient kids or more realistically, impatient dads...).  Trying to be a bit more original, Costanza suggested we try out Pink's (serving up hot dogs since 1939).

Viv and I ended up sharing the Chili Dog which was bordering on disgusting.  The bun was overly soggy from all the moisture, but worst of all, the chili was not very good.  It had a mealy mushy texture rather than meaty (the crunch from the onions did help the cause though).  It did taste relatively okay with a noticeable chili powder aftertaste.  The snap casing on the wiener was a positive though.  Costanza and Elaine tried the Mulholland which featured a spicy liquid nacho cheese sauce.  There was too much of it and it wasn't all that appetizing as it reminded us of 7-11.  Again, what saved the whole thing was the snap casing on the meaty wiener (and the crispy bacon).

For the kiddies, we got them a simple Bacon Dog and it was probably the best of the bunch.  Due to its simplicity, it was not wet nor was it overly salty from radioactive cheese sauce.  The wiener on its own was able to do its thing while the meaty bacon didn't hurt things. The sides of Fries were your standard starch-coated variety that ensured its crispiness and plenty of flavour due to the seasoning.  However, they ate like crisps more than fries as any starchiness as obliterated by the deep-fry. Okay, I sound pretty harsh in my opinions about a hot dog joint in a theme park.  But really, they weren't very good and cost us a pretty penny.  If I were you, I'd steer clear of this location.

The Good:
- Convenient
- Kids will eat it

The Bad:
- Expensive
- Food sucks

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Steve said...

Sounds like they are riding on the coattails of the original Pink's reputation. More hype than substance. I guess they can get away with that in Hollywood.

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