Sherman's Food Adventures: Wild Wood Bistro

Wild Wood Bistro

With the full compliment of kiddies from both families, we were sizing up which place to invade within Whistler Village for lunch.  Obviously, the place needed to be big enough to accommodate a party of 9 with 5 kiddies.  Also, it couldn't be incredibly expensive nor could it serve up exotic eats that would scare them, specifically my son...  Actually, Chill's son is worse because he only eats 3 things: McD's chicken nuggets, fries and Fresh Slice pizza.  Yes, that specific!  So after a bit of research, we headed over to the low-key Wild Wood Bistro in the Whistler Raquet Club.

At first, I considered brunch, but then I ultimately went for the Beef Dip with a side of Crab & Portobello Bisque.  Impressively large in size, the sandwich was filled with beef.  Although not necessarily chewy, the beef was not particularly tender either being quite dry.  Naturally, the beef was reheated in the dip itself which meant it took on the flavour which was really salty.  So with each dip, the sandwich got saltier and saltier.  Thankfully, the cup of bisque was small because I wasn't sure if I could take any more of it.  Super rich and creamy, it was heavy and full of herbs.  I thought the abundance of thyme and dill was overwhelming as well as the woodsiness of the mushrooms.

Viv decided on the Westcoast Benedict with BC smoked salmon and pan potatoes.  The poached egg was a bit overdone where the yolk was only mildly runny.  Interestingly, they decided to fully cook the smoked salmon where its appearance was a little off-putting.  Ultimately, it didn't affect the flavour as much as the texture, where it was a little strange.  The Hollandaise was good though being creamy with enough lemon to make an impact.  Crisped up on some sides, the pan potatoes were hearty and starchy.  Bubbly ended up with the Natural Benedict with avocado and tomato.  Her poached egg was done right while the flavours were definitely on the milder side.  A bit of salt could've helped, but then again, that could be added later.

Chill went for the Tiger Prawn Chorizo with Rice (rather than linguine).  With big meaty prawns exhibiting a nice snap and large slices of spicy chorizo, the dish was not longing for ingredients.  In terms of flavour, it wasn't exactly super spicy, but it was zesty with the tang of tomato and the sweetness of the peppers.  The rice could've been less moist though as there was more than enough sauce.  My son insisted on the Large Kid's Burger with pan potatoes even though we were warned about its large size.  Well, it was indeed large with a moist and juicy patty on a soft brioche bun.  I was able to sample this and I thought it was pretty good, especially for $6.99.  And yes, we had to remove the veggies and fruit from his plate...  *sigh*

My daughter decided to try the Grilled Ham & Cheese with Creamy Tomato Soup.  Nothing particularly out-of-the-ordinary with the sammie, but the soup was just plain weird.  It was super chunky and thick resembling a tomato sauce than a soup.  I gave it a sample and it wouldn't have looked out of place on top of a pile of spaghetti.  Tastewise, it was definitely creamy with the zing from the chunks of tomatoes.  So, it didn't taste particularly bad though. Ironically, right next to her, Chill's daughter had the kid's Spaghetti and Meatballs.  Not overly dissimilar to the tomato soup, the pasta sauce exhibited the same chunky tomatoes with a certain tartness (just minus the cream).  The pasta was al dente while the meatball was moist.  Overall, it was a hit and miss meal where the hits never made it to #1 on Billboard.  But for the price and overall kid-friendliness of the place, it is an option for those in Whistler with kids-in-tow.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Large portions
- Kid-friendly

The Bad:
- Average eats

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