Sherman's Food Adventures: Ramengers


With Whipping Girl being all-grown up and such, she now has plenty of responsibilities.  Naturally, she had to furnish her new digs with the important stuff, like a big screen TV and bar stools.  But what about a bed and washer/dryer???  Well, she finally got her bed from Ikea and needed me to help build it for her.  No problemo, I've built enough Ikea furniture in my lifetime that I have nightmares about Lack (no not Eddie) and Malm...  But to make things extra sweet, it meant she was going to treat me to dinner!  Since it was cold and dreary, we decided to hit up Ramengers on Kingsway.

To start things off, we decided to get a regular-sized order of the Cheese Tonkotsu Ramen which was only topped with a moderate amount of melting, stringy cheese.  That was a good thing as it didn't overwhelm the ramen.  The ramen itself was toothsome and plentiful as it seemed like a never-ending bowl.  As for the tonkotsu broth, it wasn't overly salty while still exhibiting some natural pork flavour.  It wasn't particularly silky, but that didn't hurt things much.  The piece of chashu was torched on one side where it exhibited an appealing smokiness.  I found the meat to be a bit salty though with parts that melted-in-my-mouth with others being a bit chewy.  The egg was beautifully soft and well-seasoned.  To contrast this bowl, we got the large size of the Pork Bone Ramen which was distinctively Korean-inspired.  It was a combination of ramen and spicy pork bone soup which worked in our opinion.  The level of spiciness was just enough where it didn't make us sweat, but still had an impact.  We found the soup to have depth-of-flavour and a lasting impression.  The pork bones were meaty and consisted of super tender meat.

For our sides, we had the Unagi Don which featured chewy flavoured rice.  The piece of unagi was buttery, only mildly glazed and smoky.  Combined with the cabbage, each spoonful had a nice balance of flavours and textures.  Lastly, we had the Chashu Rice Bomb that was also nicely spiced.  There was a good balance of salty, spicy and sweet.  The rice was chewy while the chashu was a bit salty and dry. If we looked solely on the ramen at Ramengers, it more than held its own amongst the other options in town and specifically, its closest rival in Kamamarui Ramen in Burnaby.  Now with her Ikea bed built, Whipping Girl only needs a washer and dryer.  And no matter what food she tried to treat me with, I'm not moving those!

The Good:
- Large portions (even for regular)
- Nice people
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Seating is really tight (really!)
- Parking lot is worse

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