Sherman's Food Adventures: Mount Bakery Cafe

Mount Bakery Cafe

Oh lookie here, Whipping Girl has all grown up...  She has her own place and everything now.  Now comes the hard part - furnishing the darn place.  Since housing prices in the GVRD are as reasonable as the cost of street food in Downtown, she has been fretting over buying a TV.  To help her out, I have been monitoring the TV deals around the internet.  Finally, I found one for a reasonable price and ordered it for pick up...  in Bellingham.  So off we went on a long weekend right into a 2-hour lineup at the border.  Thank goodness for Nexus.  Before we did anything, we stopped by Mount Bakery Cafe for some breaky.

We started with the Raspberry Cream Cheese Croissant which was aesthetically-pleasing with its tightly wound layers.  One bite and the crispiness of the pastry left little flakes of joy on the table.  Inside, it was a bit denser than we would've liked, but that could've partly been attributed to the filling.  It wasn't overly sweet and only served to add enough impact.  Next we tried the Dungeness Crab Benny served over fresh waffles with a side of potatoes.  Oh man, the Hollandaise was extremely buttery where it was rich and silky.  We would've liked to see a bit more lemon to cut through the heaviness.  As for the crab, it was fluffy, yet was partially lost in all the sauce.  The eggs were beautifully runny while the waffles softened from all the moisture.  The side of potatoes were wonderfully textured (being soft while maintaining a bite) and were a touch salty with a nice acidity.

Lastly, we tried the Brie, Apple and Pear Crepe served with the same potatoes.  Texturally, the thin crepe was on point being light, chewy and fluffy all at the same time.  With a good amount of melted creamy brie and fresh apples, the filling was mild and only semi-sweet.  We would've liked to see some salty counterbalance such as prosciutto. Despite our minor criticisms, we were pleased with our visit to Mount Bakery.  The breaky was a bit different and we certainly weren't longing for more food (good portions).  The only problem is that we had to get through the day without the rich Hollandaise causing us to make some unscheduled pitstops...

The Good:
- Large portions
- Friendly people
- Not your typical breakfast

The Bad:
- Food is quite heavy
- Tight seating

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LotusRapper said...

Glad your experience in the downtown store was good. I never been to that one, actually, only the tiny one in Fairhaven which is really but a take-out spot.

ThomasPratt01 said...

Hi Sherman. I am a loyal reader of your blog, born in Vancouver but now resident in Bellingham. I am so delighted you are getting to some new and different places here in Bellingham Might I suggest on future trips, you try La Fiamma Pizza for lunch -- the lunch special is a great deal for well-made wood fired pizza, Fiamma Burger (owned by the same people), Avenue Bread, Sandwich Odyssey, or Ciao Thyme Cafe. For breakfast, you could try Old Town Cafe, Daisy Cafe, Little Cheerful, HomeSkillet or Diamond Jim's Grill.

Bellingham's food scene isn't the best. It certainly doesn't hold a candle to Vancouver. But Bellingham can be a good place for breakfast or lunch, if you pick wisely.

LotusRapper said...

Hey Thomas, have you checked out Bare Bones BBQ yet ? They started out as a food truck (now sometimes parked on State just south of Iowa), and other times at their new brick-n'mortar place on the Guide inside the Shell station.

Check 'em out. Great ribs. And Kelly (owner) is a great fella.

Sherman Chan said...

@ThomasPratt01 Thanks for being a loyal reader! And thanks for the recommendations! I love eating in Bellingham, I have realistic expectations... :)

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