Sherman's Food Adventures: Belgian Fries

Belgian Fries

Sometimes returning to a restaurant that I haven't been to in a long time is like suddenly calling up a friend that I've neglected over the years.  Wait, that sounds horrible...  If you are one of those people reading this blog right now, I'm sorry...  Too busy eating!  I digress.  So seeing how we hadn't been to Belgian Fries in nearly 6 years, it was time to see if their poutine was better than the last visit.  Hey, there have been some new friends in town like La Belle Patate and the Spud Shack.  Oh darn, there I go neglecting old buds again...

So, my son had the Cheeseburger and Fries with garlic mayo dip.  The burger was pretty straightforward with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and cheddar on a sesame bun.  Well-charred and meaty, the beef patty was on the drier side, but did have a natural taste.  The side of fries were nicely crisp while still being quite starchy.  We liked the dip as there was quite a bit of roasted garlic.  With one piece each of salmon and cod, my daughter attacked the Fish n' Chips, in particular the salmon.  We weren't sure why because it was super thin and hence became more like salmon jerky.  The batter was quite nice though being paper thin.  Yet it was soggy in places.  The cod didn't fare too much better as it was no longer moist.

Viv and I shared the large Smoked Meat Poutine which was a considerable plate of food.  The cheese curds were legit being squeaky where most of them were not melted (that's good).  As for the gravy, it was thick and a touch salty, but it didn't interfere.  We really liked the smoked meat as it was well-charred on the outside where it had a rich smokiness.  The large chunks were tender and well-brined.The fries stood up to the gravy and remained relatively crispy in spots.  Overall, this revisit was acceptable where anything other than the poutine was pretty average.  With that being said, I prefer my new friends in La Belle Patate and the Spud Shack more.

The Good:
- Crispy, potatoey fries
- Decent poutine

The Bad:
- The other items we had were average

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