Sherman's Food Adventures: Bayou on Bay

Bayou on Bay

As if dining on buttery Hollandaise, a croissant and plenty of brie wasn't enough to send our fat intake of the day shooting Northwards of 100%, our plan for lunch wasn't going to help the cause.  After picking up Whipping Girl's TV, we headed over to Bayou on Bay for some good ol' Southern cooking.  With Viv out-of-the-picture for this trip to Bellingham, I could satisfy my craving for country fried steak with creamy gravy.  This way, she wouldn't suffer the aftermath...  Whipping Girl would!  Hey, I was helping her pick up a TV!  She'd have to accept the collateral damage.

After perusing the menu, it was quite obvious that our caloric intake for the day would be blown (if it hadn't already happened at breaky).  We started with the Fried Okra which were prepared in manageable bite size pieces.  They were crispy while not crunchy with a "thick-enough" breading.  These were golden brown and not greasy at all.  The okra itself was soft with a slight bite while exhibiting a slight sliminess (but that's normal).  The plate of Yam Fries were really good because not only were they crispy on the outside, they were soft and moist on the inside.  A light toss in pepper and salt added a simple, yet effective impact.

For our mains, we began with the Shrimp & Grits featuring a really rich, creamy sauce spiked with bacon.  There was probably a tad too much sauce as the dish felt really heavy.  Furthermore the grits themselves were a bit dense and clumpy.  As for the shrimp, they were nicely prepared having a wonderful sweet snap.  The aforementioned Country Fried Steak was crunchy with a nicely peppery coating.  The meat was pretty dry, but flavorful.  The sausage gravy was thick and full of meat. It was really rich while not being particularly flavourful except for the taste of fat.  Yup, after we were done, we felt heavier than a tour bus full of football players.  There might possibly have been a pit stop afterwards...

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- They do not shy away from making the food as rich as possible

The Bad:
- Yes, we realize the food is supposed to be heavy, but it was actually too heavy
- Okay, but not great 

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