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Depending on one's personal preference, the idea of quantity always trumps quality.  Case in point, there are a few friends of mine who could care less about what other people think - value overrides perceived "superior" food.  Hence, the lineup at Anton's will never cease to exist.  Hey, I like good value too and yes, when I'm super hungry, a certain level of quantity would be nice.  That brings us back to Stepho's and their lineup for large quantities at reasonable prices.  I felt it was time for a revisit (after 5 years) with Milhouse and Kaiser Soze.

We began with the Calamari and let's just say it was disappointing.  Visually, it looked great with big pieces sporting a golden brown batter.  However, one bite and the squid was dry and chewy.  It took quite the effort to eat it.  On the other hand, the batter was light and crispy while being nicely seasoned.  As for tzatziki, it was not thick enough for our tastes, yet it did have a good zip.  For my main, I went for the Mousaka which was as large as I had remembered it.  I liked how the layer of bechamel was thin, yet rather than being creamy and light, it was dense and doughy.  For the filling, I liked the abundance of moist ground beef with tender slices of eggplant and potatoes.  It was rather salty though with an oil slick on the bottom of the plate.

Kaiser Soze had the Roast Lamb which also arrived in a generous portion.  Fatty and moist, the lamb was pretty much on point texturally.  However, the predominant flavour was plain ol' salt.  We couldn't even really make out anything else.  I thought the rice was pretty good being chewy and mildly seasoned while the potatoes could've used a bit more roasting as they were a touch firm.  The Greek salad was fresh, yet lacking in dressing.  Milhouse ended up with the Steak & Mushroom Pita which was served with fries and salad.  The steak itself was okay being somewhere between chewy and somewhat tender.  It had a nice char which added a good smokiness.  However, the mushrooms tasted like they threw the whole salt shaker at it.  Too bad really since they were sauteed beautifully.  So there we have it, our visit basically validated our prior sentiments - quantity over quality.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Acceptable food for the price (but it's getting up there)

The Bad:
- Using salt as the primary seasoning makes things taste the same
- Quantity over quality

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