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Wild Sushi

To say that I rarely eat out in the Dunbar area of Vancouver is an understatement.  Even though I have the occasional softball game out there, it hasn't meant a bounty of restaurant visits.  Long ago, I did have a friend who lived out there and I did frequent the neighbourhood, but that was in my teens where blogging only consisted of a pen and paper.  But for once, I was stuck around the UBC area and in need of eats.  So I drove down Dunbar and stopped at the first sushi place I spotted which was Wild Sushi.

Not sure of the name though because the menu didn't seem to be very "wild" nor was the decor.  Well, I wasn't keen on any surprises, so just simple sushi suited me fine.  And with that, I began things with the Assorted Sashimi which was good and bad on one plate.  The sockeye salmon and tuna were pretty good exhibiting a nice sheen and fresh taste.  However, the tako and tai were not defrosted correctly where they were spongy and full of moisture.  Next up, I had the Rainbow Roll consisting of a California roll topped with salmon, tuna, ebi and avocado.  It was drizzled with mayo and some sweet droplets.  Hence, the flavours were a bit too sweet (but the dunk in soy helped matters).  The mild-tasting rice had a nice consistency though with a sticky chew.

Despite dining all-by-my-lonesome, I went for both the Yakisoba with beef and Katsu Don as well (don't worry, I didn't eat it all in one sitting...). Arriving on a super hot sizzling cast iron plate, the yakisoba was pretty good.  I liked how the noodles weren't swimming in sauce which meant they were still chewy and not over-seasoned.  However, I wouldn't liked to see a bit of acidity though as the flavours were flat.  The ample amount of sliced beef was moist and tender.  As for the katsu don, it was topped with a large pork cutlet that was slightly crisp on the edges.  Inside, it was tender and not dried out.  Although the rice was nicely chewy, it could've benefited from more sauce.

Lastly, I sampled their Appetizer Tempura that included 2 ebi, 2 pcs of sweet potato and one pc of golden squash. Despite being really crunchy, the tempura batter was far too thick.  Hence, I had to remove some of it.  Other than that, the veggies and ebi were not overdone.  Overall, I was okay with the food at Wild Sushi despite some of the issues (such as the spongy sashimi and over-battered tempura).  I found the prices to be reasonable and the service to be friendly enough.

The Good:
- Reasonable-pricing
- Depending on what you order, it can be pretty decent

The Bad:
- Some issues with specific dishes

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