Sherman's Food Adventures: Ikkyu Ramen Ten

Ikkyu Ramen Ten

So practice does make perfect...  Well, in my case, practice made for a better golf score at Mylora.  Yes, the place is a glorified pitch & putt, but trust me, after an 85 a few weeks ago, I left with my tail between my legs (this was before the snow!).  However after 3 rounds of golf at some challenging courses up at Whistler, I returned to play Mylora again with Gordo, JuJu and Lionel Hutz.  This time around, I scored a 70 (which is still 13 over) that was a 15 shot improvement.  Viv, are you reading this?  I just have to play more golf!  Maybe I can improve even more!  Anyways, after the round, we decided to hit up Ikkyu Ramen Ten out on Victoria Drive.

Gordo and I started with the Assorted Sashimi which was a fairly large portion for $12.95.  Although some of the pieces were cut a bit strangely (in particular, the salmon), there was nothing really amiss. Interestingly, they used Atlantic surf clam which were different in colour and somewhat in texture (more soft) than the usual Arctic surf clam.  Lionel Hutz went for a Sushi Bento Box consisting of nigiri, House Roll and green salad.  I was able to sample the sushi rice and it was not really cold and overly soft.  Furthermore, there was barely any detectable flavours.  And as you can see in the picture, there was too much of it in the roll.

For myself, I tried the Ikkyu Black Sesame Ramen with salmon, BBQ pork, egg, crab stick, corn, green onions and cabbage.  If you are wondering why the broth strangely resembles any other broth, you are right.  The black sesame was in the ramen itself.  Unfortunately, I didn't get much aromatics from it while the noodles were nicely chewy though.  The broth was mild and sweet with not a whole lot of depth.  And yes, the BBQ pork was actually Chinese-style BBQ pork.  Gordo went meatless and had the Kimchi Miso Ramen.  It was slightly spicy from the kichi, but then again, it wasn't exactly full of impactful flavours. Yup, there wasn't a whole lot to rave about the place as the food was just not that great.  I guess the prices were reasonable and the food was edible, but nothing we were yearning to have again.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Decent portions

The Bad:
- "meh" food

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