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I swear it's a conspiracy. Of all people, I win a coupon for a free topping from Tuttimelon thanks to Wendy (Eat 'n About). You see, I have a love-hate relationship with Richmond and guess where Tuttimelon is located? On one hand, there are a multitude of great places to eat, drink or grab a snack in Richmond. On the other hand, I have to put up with people who: drive 30km/h in a 50km/h zone, do not understand how a 4-way stop works, fight to the death for a parking spot, cut you off like you didn't exist and wear those ridiculous full shield visors. Wendy... this one is for you...

Alright, to drive all the way to Richmond for some froyo didn't seem quite fulfilling, so this visit to Tuttimelon was right after a pretty satisfying lunch at Rainflower. This actually worked out perfectly since we didn't order dessert at Dim Sum. Also, something fruity and cool is the perfect refreshment to counteract salt and MSG. Walking into Tuttimelon, it reminds me a lot of Qoola. Trendy modern decor? Check. Fresh fruit? Check. Multitude of dry toppings? Check. Menu on 2 flatscreens? Check. Crazy Richmond traffic outside? Check. Hmm... I wonder who's copying who? If I'm not mistaken, Tuttimelon opened their San Francisco store in 2007.

Not really knowing what to order, I asked the staffer there for her opinion. She said that a popular combination is the Mango Frozen Yogurt with Mochi and Strawberries. For those who do not know what Mochi is, it is essentially a rice cake that is soft and a bit chewy. The staffer was bang on, the Mochi really complimented the froyo. I was skeptical at first because I thought soft with soft would be just mush. But, the slight chewiness did give a texture contrast and the
neutral flavour of the Mochi did not conflict with the mango froyo. The strawberries added a nice zing and sweetness. The froyo itself was extremely light and refreshing. It was almost guilt-free dessert eating. Almost. I liked how the mango flavour was pronounced and it wasn't merely just sweet. There was a bit of mango tartness which ultimately added to the refreshing taste. The one thing that detracted from the texture of the froyo was that it was not cold enough. While I was taking the picture, it was already melting. Maybe I was too early and they had not properly froze the yogurt yet? Despite that, I enjoyed my froyo from Tuttimelon and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg (well, thanks to the coupon from Wendy). However, it required me to drive to Richmond and I bet Wendy was pretty happy with that!

The Good:
- Fresh toppings
- Great tasting froyo
- The place is spotless

The Bad:
- It was a bit too soft
- Good luck finding parking

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holly said...

So you finally made it Tuttimelon. At least the weather has been nice and sunny, perfect for froyo.

I usually order the green tea with strawberries, mochi and blueberries.

Also, I like the fact that they are generous in their toppings.

Sherman Chan said...

Yes, they were generous with their toppings. Too bad it's in Richmond. LOL...

Lucy said...

This concept is very famous in LA too, is it really worth a visit? To me it seems like it is just ice cream / frozen yogurt with a vast amount of topping options.

Sherman Chan said...

Hi Lucy, I would think that if you were in the area, it's worth a try. But I wouldn't drive there specifically for it. After all, as you said, it's only froyo with toppings.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is... :D

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