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Hatto Sushi

Thinking that I hit all the sushi places in North Delta (Minori & Akari), I wasn't expecting to see another Japanese restaurant when I dined at the Green Lettuce. Hidden in the corner of the same shopping complex is Hatto Sushi. So far, Minori has been a decent choice for Japanese food out here. Akari was decent, but on subsequent visits, it hasn't impressed me. I was quite excited to eat Japanese for lunch today since most of the restaurants on Scott Road are Indian. Don't get me wrong, I love Indian food, but after awhile, I feel like I'm sweating curry!

Arriving a bit early, I expected Hatto to be closed. However, their door was ajar, even though the hours indicated they open at 11:30am. Oh well, I walked in and indeed they were open. They should really change that sign. I was greeted warmly and I got my choice of tables because I was the only one there. At that point, I was hoping it was because I was early! I was quite impressed with the selection of sushi on the menu, especially for a Japanese restaurant out here. I really hate when there is too much choice, I end up taking really long to order. Well, I did decide on the Salmon Sashimi and when it arrived, I was pretty surprised to see wild salmon. Happily digging in, the slices of salmon were sweet and fresh. A really nice start to the meal. The prices of the Nigiri Sushi were a bit high; but I decided to get some anyways. I got 2 pieces each of Toro, Unagi and Inari. Not particularly looking that impressive, they did taste better than they appeared. I liked the sushi rice, it was soft; but not mushy. The Toro could have been sliced a bit bigger in my opinion, especially for the price.

The last item I ordered was at their suggestion - the Caterpillar Roll. It sure looked impressive when it arrived with lots of avocado on the outside and 2 strips of cucumbers doubling as the antenna. It did taste good since the avocado was fresh and there was just enough sauce. However, far too much rice overwhelmed the unagi in the centre. I really didn't even notice it was there to tell you the truth. The 3 items that I got cost me close to $30.00; yet I really didn't seem overly full. Although the food was pretty decent, I'm not sure if I got good value. The salmon sashimi was a real treat; but the other items were pretty average. While I can't say that I didn't like Hatto Sushi, I wasn't all that excited about it either.

The Good:
- Decent Japanese food considering the location
- Friendly staff
- Good selection of items on the menu

The Bad:
- A tad pricey
- Portion size could be a bit better

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Anonymous said...

Not sure how far you're willing to drive but Tawara, out by 152nd and Hwy. 10 (Same complex as IGA), Akasaka, across from Guildford Mall and Tokachi, around King George and 108th, (although in a less than desirable location) all have decent lunches.

Sherman Chan said...

If you know me by now, I'll drive to anywhere! :) I'll pop by those sometime.

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