Sherman's Food Adventures: Tung Hing Bakery

Tung Hing Bakery

Alright, another one of Holly's suggestions came to fruition today. We needed something quick, tasty and cheap; so I headed over to Tung Hing Bakery for some Banh Mi (Vietnamese subs). It wasn't exactly nearby or convenient to get to; but I really don't let that get in the way of good eats! I was driving on the other side of the street and instead of turning left onto Inverness, I decided to park across the street. Bad move. Try crossing Kingsway at an uncontrolled intersection in the middle of the day. I would have had better luck playing chicken with a large luxury SUV in Richmond. Trust me, I was having second thoughts about risking my life for a couple of sandwiches. I made it across alive to discover a clean and inviting establishment. You see, not all Vietnamese sandwich shops are that inviting.

I really enjoyed the fact that I could see them making my sandwiches right in front of me. Moreover, seeing all the ingredients was both novel and mouth-watering. I ended up getting 3 different Banh Mi - House Special, Honey Garlic Sausage and Meatball. It only cost me $8.50 for all 3! Luckily I arrived when I did, after I left, there was a pretty long lineup. I made it halfway across the street to the median on my way back to the car. Let me tell you, there is nowhere more precarious than hanging out on the median of a busy street.

Alright, about those sandwiches... The first thing you'll notice about them is the freshness of the ingredients. Veggies were crunchy and colourful. The meats were what they should be - moist, chewy and flavourful; but never dry. I particularly liked the sausage sandwich since there was ample amount of meat and it was tasted quite bold. Viv thought it was too sweet and probably it was; but I liked it anyways. The meatball sub was alright; but the one from Au Petit Cafe is both more meaty and flavourful. The house special sub was pretty standard with a variety of meat and plenty of fish sauce flavour. Although they baked their own French rolls fresh; I found that the bread was more dense and not as airy as the ones from Ba Le and Au Petit. By no means were they bad; it's just a personal preference of mine. With that in mind, the subs at Tung Hing are solid and inexpensive.

The Good:
- The place appears clean
- Inexpensive
- Fresh ingredients

The Bad:
- Bread could be a bit lighter

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holly said...

I'm impressed, so you played "chicken" with Kingsway traffic? That's commitment to your food Sherman.

I need to retry Ba Le and Au Petit to compare the texture of the bread again. Also, I've never ordered the meat ball one before.

Sherman Chan said...

Hi Holly, not sure if it's commitment or plain stupidity. I'm going to Richmond today, maybe I can try to cross #3 Road at an uncontrolled intersection. Wish me luck...

Unknown said...

HI Sherman, thanks for your blog. This location has closed unfortunately!! :(... it was my favourite. There's a place on Victoria and 38th? (across from Golden Swan) that does a pretty good job though, but not the same.

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