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Bombay Se

It seems like every time I've tried to dine at Bombay Se, something happens and I never end up eating there. The first time, I met up with Herbie the Lovebug, Nikita and Bluebeard at the old smaller location (in the same plaza). Since it was such a small location, there was a big lineup and we headed somewhere else instead. The second time, I had a hockey game and it was only Viv who made it out there. When it moved over to it's bigger location on the 2nd floor of the same building, I really wanted to try it. However, it wasn't open for lunch! I'm only in North Delta during the day, so dinner was not really an option. When I heard that they are now open for lunch, I was a happy man. In fact, they have a "buffet" of sorts for $10.99. It's not the traditional buffet where you go help yourself to warming trays of food. Rather, it's served exactly like a regular combination platter; but it's unlimited. Yup, you can request more of what you like and they will bring it to you. I personally think this is more hygienic and a fresher way of eating an all-you-can-eat.

By virtue of never having a chance to dine at the old Bombay Se, I can't really compare with the new location. However, the new location is spacious, modern and very clean. In fact, I've noticed that most Indian restaurants I've visited are extremely clean. I wonder why Chinese restaurants cannot follow suit? I didn't need to look at the menu since I decided to get the unlimited lunch special. You can have it either in vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Guess which one I chose? Included on the platter was Butter Chicken, Goat Curry, Chickpea Curry, Aloo Gobi, Potato Pakora, Raita, Achar, Rice Pudding, Basmati Rice and Naan.

With tender pieces of chicken, the Butter Chicken was a bit spicy; however, the creaminess and tomato flavours were still discernible. This was the perfect sauce for the warm and soft naan. The Goat Curry was a bit weak; but the meat was tender. On the other hand, the Chickpea Curry had a bit of bite. The same could be said about the Aloo Gobi, the mixture of potatoes and cauliflower had a kick at the end. The Raita helped bring balance to the meal with the coolness of yogurt. From the sampling of these dishes, the food not bad; if not a bit standard. I've had better Indian food; yet with that being said, Bombay Se still brings together a combination of decent food and friendly service in an upscale environment.

The Good:
- Restaurant is nicely decorated and clean
- Service is good
- Food is decent

The Bad:
- Regular menu is a bit pricier than some other Indian restaurants

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Anonymous said...

Our family went again today and its still good. I also like that the all you can eat is not a traditional buffet style. The naan is always hot and much cleaner. And speaking of clean, I totaly agree with you about chinese vs. indian joints. What is wrong with chinese restaurants?? The aweful bathrooms especially when you have young kids, i.e. the slippery floors, wet countertops with diluted hand soap in reused plastic pumps, mildew infused mops off to the sides. Yuck! The bathrooms at Bombay blew me away, it was like a nice hotel. We happily took our four kids to the bathroom instead of suggesting they consider waiting till we got home.

Sherman Chan said...

Yes, Chinese restaurants are generally appalling... in sanitary conditions and service. Glad they reverted back to the unlimited lunch.

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