Sherman's Food Adventures: Desi Dosa Madras

Desi Dosa Madras

For the longest time, I've driven by Desi Dosa Madras and noticed that it was "opening soon". However, I was in no rush to try it. You see, the last time I had a dosa, it was good; but it wasn't great. The dosa I had at Mayuri looked good, tasted good; yet it was a bit too thick. Therefore, I was in no rush to have another dosa. Finally, I decided to go. Despite the fact I had to wait for it to open 5 minutes late, I was determined and waited. Finally entering the restaurant, the server was about to lead me to a choice booth seat; but I went ahead and chose a crappy seat which was by the window. Little does he know why I did that! I was quite surprised to be offered a take-out menu as the actual menu. Did they not have their menus yet? Whatever the case, the server promptly brought me a pitcher of water (albeit luke warm) while I was deciding what to eat.

I decided on a Lamb Dosa; however, knowing that dosas look larger than they are filling, I ordered a Chicken Korma with Roti for good measure. The korma arrived piping hot with large chunks of very tender white meat. This particular version of korma seemed to be a bit lighter in colour and taste than I've been used to. However, do not let the light colour fool you, there was an underlying heat hidden within the smooth yogurt base. I tried to soak up every last bit of sauce with the roti; but there was way too much sauce. I wish I had rice instead. While I was busy enjoying my korma, the Lamb Dosa arrived with a side of sambar, coconut chutney and spiced lentil soup. Unlike the dosa at Mayuri, the one here was extremely light and crispy. I really enjoyed the texture. Adding a robust flavour was the lamb curry hidden inside the dosa. Tender pieces of lamb mixed with onions provided the meatiness and a kick to an otherwise plain dosa. I
particularly enjoyed using the sambar with the dosa. The lentil soup was a bit spicy and temperature hot. I could've guzzled a whole bowl of it; but I'm not sure if my stomach would've appreciated it.

I was pleasantly surprised with my meal at Desi Dosa Madras. The dosa was excellent and so was the Chicken Korma. The flavours were complex and pleasing to the taste buds. Moreover, it's nice to try something different from the usual standard North Indian fare.

The Good:
- Something a bit different from the usual Indian food
- Good balance in flavours and textures
- Inexpensive

The Bad:
- Although friendly, service was a bit basic
- A bit nitpicking; but my water was warm (where's the ice?)

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