Sherman's Food Adventures: Pho T & A

Pho T & A

Okay, the only reason I wanted to visit this place was its name. With the infamous Pho Bich Nga no longer in business, there has been a void of really good Pho restaurant names. Yes, there is Pho Dat Phu; but how can you argue against Pho T & A? Doesn't it just make you wonder what is really in the soup??? Pho sure! Not really knowing exactly where the place was, I actually ended up at Pho Tan first. Man, that place is busy! I heard good things about this place, I shall return when it's not as packed. So I continued my search of some T & A, err... I mean Pho in the heart of Whalley. It is an area in transition with the new SFU campus and many high rises and condo developments nearby. Parking my car in the lot of Pho T & A was a bit unnerving; but I'm sure it was all in my head.

So sitting there looking over the menu, I noticed the "cash only" sign and looked in my wallet. No cash! Doh! I quickly scrambled to my car looking for loose change. I was able to scrounge $9.00, enough for a bowl of pho; but not anything else. I decided on the large House Special Pho which included every meat. A really good value at $6.50. While waiting for my order, I noticed they were making fresh popcorn in a miniature machine at the front. Wait a minute! WTF? They're selling popcorn? This is not a T & A theatre is it? Nope, just Pho T & A. Strange. Whatever the case, the soup was pretty light and modestly seasoned. I could detect some spices and meat flavour; but it was not very rich. The noodles were a tad on the soft side; yet there was plenty of it. Same can be said about the meats, there was a decent amount of it for price. It was a decent bowl of Pho; but nothing to write home about. However, I could really care less because I satisfied my curiousity over this place!

The Good:
- It's not expensive
- Place is pretty clean
- Pho was decent

The Bad:
- Questionable area
- Popcorn?!?!?

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egirlwonder said...

Popcorn - weird, and noisy, no?

My personal fave for potentially misinterpreted businesses out here is "Dick's Lumber"... I clearly have a teenage boy's sense of humour :) .

Sherman Chan said...

Yes, Dick's Wood.. err... Lumber. A very fine choice.

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