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Taste of Singapore

*Restaurant is now closed*

Being relatively new, I never noticed Taste of Singapore, even though it resides in the same plaza as Bombay Se and Sandar's Thai Garden. However, I did notice that Ryan ("Oiboy" in Urbanspoon) had tried it out and blogged about it. Seeing that it got rave reviews, Toolman and I decided to give it a try today. No wonder I didn't notice it before. It's hidden among many more small shops and restaurants in the 7500 Plaza out on Scott Road. As we strolled into the restaurant, I noticed that there were very few seats. I guess it really didn't matter because we were the first to arrive for lunch. Naturally, with the choice of tables, I picked the seat near the window.

We asked what were the 2 best dishes and the owner picked out Beef Rendang and Ayam Masak Merah. I wanted to order more; but he said it would be enough. The two dishes arrived with a large serving of rice and fresh lettuce. We dug into the beef first and it was extremely tender without being fatty. The flavours were subtle (due to the coconut milk) with just a hint of heat from the chilis. The chicken (Ayam Masak Merah) was much more flavourful, being sweet, tart (from the tomatoes) and a bit spicy. While I was snapping photos of the food, the owner came by and amicably asked if I was a photographer. I nodded in agreement trying hard not to blow my cover. I guess it's hard to be discreet with a DSLR! As we were eating away, someone from the kitchen brought over a spicy Sambal Terasi sauce. I gave it a try and it was really spicy with a hint of seafood. I found out that the sauce consisted of fermented shrimp and chilis. Indeed, it reminded me of Chinese "Haw Jeun" which is fermented shrimp. Toolman didn't like the sauce very much; but I was all over it. However, my stomach might be not appreciate the torment I was putting it through.

The food at Taste of Singapore was a real surprise. It's definitely a gem hidden in a strip mall on Scott Road. The food was outstanding. On top of that, the prices are downright cheap! Our meals were $9.00 each and if we had opted for the daily special, it would have only been $6.00! Taste of Singapore combines the winning formula of honest service with great tasting food at very reasonable prices. If you are ever in the area, I encourage you to try them out.

The Good:
- Outstanding value
- Food is prepared with care
- Friendly and honest service

The Bad:
- Not a lot of seats (if it ever gets busy...)
- People not in the area are missing out

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Jenny said...

the food looks really great, I will put this on my to try list :)

Anonymous said...

We tried both of the menu items that you ordered. We found the food spicier than the other Singapore restaurants we've eaten at. We agree the beef was super tender without being fatty. The sambal sauce for the chicken was very delicious.

Sherman Chan said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your food. I think that they are pretty good for where they are. Too bad it's in such a strange location.

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