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Once again, I had a meeting in Ladner today and decided to grab a bite to eat first. I'm actually pretty lucky to be out in Ladner once in awhile because there are some neat places to eat here. I'm not necessarily implying they are the best places to eat in the GVRD; but there are some gems. One of which is La Belle Auberge, which I intend on trying eventually. Today it was something less fancy and a bit quicker since I needed to make the meeting on time. Pomegranate and I headed over to the edge of Ladner Village right along the water to Sharkey's. It was a glorious day today and we decided to sit out on the patio. I guess I should have warned Pomegranate since he wore all black. He looked a little warm while we were eating.

We both started with soups, he had the Clam Chowder and I went for the Seafood Chowder. From the picture, you won't be able to see the bounty of shrimp, clams and fish in a surprisingly light tomato broth. Despite being quite light tasting, there was a bit of a fishy aftertaste. One word for the clam chowder - thick. It was probably too thick; yet that didn't deter
Pomegranate from enjoying the rich bacon and clam flavoured base. Continuing on the seafood theme, I selected on of the Ladner Express (Clams, Mussels and Prawns) steamer. Not feeling quite adventurous today, I went with the classic white wine and herb butter broth. Presented in a large metal pot was a flavourful broth that contained a good amount of julienned veggies. A decent amount of fresh clams, mussels and prawns were sitting pretty in the steaming hot liquid. By either digging in with a spoon or with the accompanying bread, the white wine broth did not lack seasoning. Plenty of taste without being salty, there was quite a bit of it, I couldn't finish it. One important note - all the clams and mussels were completely open indicating freshness.

Pomegranate went a totally different direction and ordered the Garlic Prawn and Caesar Wrap. Interestingly, the wrap was exactly as advertised. It was a pretty large tortilla wrap which essentially contained the contents of a prawn Caesar salad complete with croutons. It sure looked tasty and Pomegranate affirmed it. We really enjoyed our lunch at Sharkey's and it didn't hurt that it was a fabulous day out on the patio. While not all the food at Sharkey's is great (I've been here before a few times), most of it is more than acceptable (I'd stay away from the pastas). Add that with great atmosphere and a nice location, it's a great place to grab a bite to eat or just hang out and grab a drink.

The Good:
- Reasonable prices
- Some great dishes (mixed in with some that are not)
- Great patio

The Bad:
- Food can be a bit inconsistent
- Service can be inconsistent

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Avis Lam said...

Hey I had the Mussels Steamer in Tomato Broth couple of weeks ago - it was delicious!

Sherman Chan said...

Yes, their Steamers are good! If you know what to order at Sharkey's, it can be a really good experience.

jimmy said...

I love their fish and chips, especially the halibut

Anonymous said...

The pastas are waaaay better at dinner time, and the steak is always cooked perfect. i really enjoy coming here, oh and the wait staff are some real lookers ;)

Hugo said...

I and a couple of friends ended up at Sharkey's after reading your review. We'd been out at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, and wanted to eat somewhere casual and not too expensive afterwards.

We were lucky it was a warm sunny day, and there was room on the patio. The fish and chips were very good. I have no complaints. The staff were friendly and helpful.

I'd never have know about the place if I hadn't found it on this blog.

Sherman Chan said...

@Hugo Glad you liked it. It's a great place to hang out on a warm summer day!

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