Sherman's Food Adventures: Beaver Tails

Beaver Tails

Fried dough, if you think about it, is not really all that interesting. However, it's what you put on that piece of dough that changes everything. Just look at the simple donut. Another is the fry bread or Bannock. Every time I visit the PNE, I go straight towards Whale Tails for this sinful treat. When I was younger, I remembered it at Elephant Ears. Whatever the name it goes by, it's darn good. Well, I didn't want to wait until next August for another fill. With my daughter and Viv at music class on the North Shore, I took my son over to Lonsdale Quay for some Beaver Tails.

As luck would have it, rain was absolutely pouring down on us as we walked over to the market. We were lucky to get a free spot right at the foot of Lonsdale; yet we were still drenched walking that short distance. Gotta love that North Shore weather! Once inside we headed over to Beaver Tails and I knew that the Garlic Butter & Cheese was the way to go. Not really because I wanted to eat that one, I knew that was the only one my son might eat. So the nice lady made a nice fresh fry bread and piled on a whole lot of cheese. She then placed it in the toaster over for it to melt.

So we made our way to a table and I started eating it. I gave a small piece to my son and he devoured it. Then he proceeded to tell me to stop eating it and to share it with him. Truth be told, he ended up eating over 2/3rds of it! Trust me, that is an accomplishment in itself for him. Only problem is that I can't really bring him for a Beaver Tails all the time. It was probably for the best anyways, I don't think it would be a good idea for me to eat too much of it all by myself. Now I gotta see if I can make some at home since I rarely see my son so enthused about any kind of food.

The Good:
- Man it's a tasty treat!
- They weren't shy about piling on the toppings
- They pat down the thing after frying (to make it slightly more healthy?)

The Bad:
- Heart attack food
- It's not a light snack

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Jenny said...

Oh the Beavers Tail looks so good, I haven't had one for years.

Unfortunately I also use to make them (Elephant Ear that is), and thinking of the process scares me on the sheer amount of oil used. It's crazy, so it's definitely a good thing that your son can't have it all the time :)

KimHo said...

Tasty, healthy, filling: Choose two. :)

I grew up in Panama with hojaldra, the Panamanian version of this. Bring some fond memories but, oddly, I am happy I can't find these so easily as I might be eating them on a daily basis!

Unknown said...

Mmm yum! I've only had them once or twice. I've heard you can do a similar thing on the grill with dough... haven't tried it myself though. Somehow it probably won't taste as good as the fried version...

Sherman Chan said...

Hey Jenny, yes Beaver Tails are good, but they are soooo unhealthy!

Haha Kim, there are so many versions of this in different cultures and they are all good... and sinful.

Hi Nina, grilled dough is just not the same... LOL...

Chris said...

Oh hot damn! Beaver tails. I still remember my first one as a kid in Ottawa. Sinfully delicious..although I hadn't even thought about a savory version before.

Sherman Chan said...

Hey Chris, savory = more fat. LOL...

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