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Triple O's

How did I end up at Triple O's today you might ask (or maybe not)? Well, I was in another grease mood today and intended to go to Mr. Pickwick's. Yes, the very same place I tried to visit last week and sadly ended up at Chicken World. It was closed again today! Argh... So I tried to visit another place I had in mind - Tony's Pizza & Pasta. It was empty when I arrived and no one came out to acknowledge I was there for 5 minutes. I gave up and tried to go to Fiji's Exotic Cuisine which was... you guessed it, closed (even though it should be open)! For goodness sake, how hard is it to find a place to eat! Now with very little time left, I settled for Triple O's. Honestly, it's not such a bad consolation to eat here. After all, I love White Spot burgers even though they are not very big, the meat isn't that juicy and there is enough mayo to make a batch of potato salad. For those who didn't grow up on White Spot, I can see indifference about the food. In fact, my friend who works at White Spot says that tourists who dine there are confused at the portion sizes and the food in general. Again, you need to know about it to get it. Just look at the hugely successful Triple O's location in Asia.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, I went for the Original Burger Combo with Cheese. While I was waiting for my food, I thought that these Triple O's locations in Chevron gas stations are quite interesting. I guess it's convenient and probably a good rental agreement. Whatever the case, much like Harvey's, the location is weird; but the food is good. Again, it's not the biggest or juiciest burger out there; but it's got this "je ne se quois" quality about them. I especially like the soft hamburger bun. It makes it easy to eat and the copious amount of mayo helps the whole thing slide down into your stomach. The fries themselves are quite average, not being all that crispy. However, get a side of Triple O as a dip and they rock. For those who are wondering what Triple O sauce is all about, it is merely red relish with a creamy mayo.

While I was eating my lunch, I was staring right at a poster advertising the Sunny Start. It happens to be the breakfast sandwich that is uniquely White Spot. The sandwich itself is not that unique. It's essentially a fried egg, bacon, processed cheese and Triple O sauce in between a hamburger bun. But this simple sandwich definitely hits the "spot". I remember when I was younger, I could down 3 of these easily. Now, I can barely eat one without feeling a bit bloated. Nothing like a lot of grease to start your day! Triple O's is not somewhere I usually visit; yet it really satisfied my White Spot cravings without needing to go to the restaurant itself. As an added bonus, I filled my car with gas at the same time.

The Good:
- You can get some White Spot favourites quick
- If you grew up on it, it's a treat
- You can fill up your car and eat at the same time

The Bad:
- It's not cheap
- Not the best, but you have to understand it

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Jessica604 said...

I just had triple O's yesterday! Internal self was shaking her head thinking, "if only the blog readers could see this", but know what? Those fries and sauce just hit the spot. :)

...just had one of those cravings, I guess.

Sherman Chan said...

LOL Jessica. Yah, it's such simple food yet so satisfying. It helps that we grew up with this stuff!

KimHo said...

Was in MickeyD's the other day... Run! :D

I was about to go to a Triple O's yesterday during lunch time but, fortunately, found another option. Come to think about it, I don't recall being to a Triple O's before. I guess I should visit one regardless; after all, we should visit all the "good" places plus all your "regular" spots, right?

Sherman Chan said...

Yah, why not... Triple O's is a decent option when all others have been exhausted!

Chris said...

I remember my first White Spot and Triple O's experience on a Van City trip years ago. Something I dreamed about until we were able to get these burgers here. Something about the sauce makes them a better 'experience' than say BK or McD's. For me at least.

Sherman Chan said...

Chris, the sauce is addictive. Not sure what they put in it. It's like liquid crack...

C~Star said...

Triple O's is like biting into history..... the burgers nor the fries have changed much since the conception of white spot many years ago. Just think you are biting in to the almost exact same burger that many of our grand parents did. The reason we go back.... consistancy you are almost garunteed to get the same burger weather you go to Triple O's in Courtney or Kamloops, Cranbrook or Kelowna. And i am one of those that feel it is a pretty darn choice at least over the alternatives of A&W, wendys, McDonalds.

Sherman Chan said...

Well said C-Star! It's a part of my childhood and I will forever love it!

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