Sherman's Food Adventures: Pizza Garden

Pizza Garden

Polka King has been playing late night Wednesday night hockey at Brit for over 15 years. The fact that it starts at 11:30pm was never that attractive to me. If you think about it, there is no time for sleep until you need to go to work the next day! I have played it a few times over the years and it is indeed fun, if you feel like being unproductive the next morning. However, I am also not one to turn down a chance at some exercise. Besides, all this eating needs to be tempered with calorie burning. Therefore, I dragged my lazy behind to play some really late night hockey tonight.

Let me just say this, after the hockey was over, I now know how Carey Price felt in the lost to Vancouver 7-1. There were 8 breakaways, 4 2 on 1's and a 3 on none! I'm lucky I didn't pull a groin. Whatever the case, I didn't really care because there was some eats I was looking forward to. Eats? At 1:30am in the morning on a Thursday??? Yup, Pizza Garden happens to be nearby to Brit and that's where I headed after hockey. It's open until 2:00am. I dragged Polka King with me since I drove him. Viv has told me about Pizza Garden before since she works nearby. Furthermore, Kevin blogged about it and I wanted to compare it with Uncle Fatih's (which is also nearby and open until 2:00am as well).

2 slices and a canned pop can be had for $5.00 including tax. I got one slice of Pepperoni and one slice of Sausage and Onion with Garlic Sauce. I drizzled more sauce on it for good measure. Polka King got a slice of Hawaiian and a slice of Pesto. He ate the pesto before he realized that I didn't take a picture of it yet. He was so apologetic, almost scared, that I'd do something to him. I wonder if I really do scare my friends when I warn them not to eat before I take a picture? Anyways, the pizza crust itself was not oily and I liked the addition of sesame seeds. However, it was a bit oily on the top. The pizza was pretty decent; but I definitely prefer Uncle Fatih's more. The crust there is crispier and lighter, and it's cheaper ($4.00). Mind you, at 1:30am, if you're spending only $5.00 on 2 slices of pizza and choice of canned pop, there is really not much to complain about.

The Good:
- It's cheap
- Open late
- Pizza ain't bad

The Bad:
- A bit greasy on the top
- Crust is a bit dry
- Store is a bit dirty

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holly said...

I prefer Uncle Fatih's because their slices are larger. Also, the turnover is very high, so if you get the "fresh out of the oven" ones, you can't go wrong. However, I'm not brave enough to eat the beef and blue cheese one, even though they're my sister's and nephew's favourite.

The price is right and there's usually quick parking outside.

Sherman Chan said...

Same here Holly, Uncle Fatih's is better. You must try the beef and blue cheese!!! It's money.

KimHo said...

Sorry, Sherman, 2001 Flavours > Uncle Fatih's! :P

Unfortunately, they close way before midnight so that might not be an option if you are looking for places to eat at 2:00 a.m.

Sherman Chan said...

So Kim... is that a challenge? I must try this 2001 and see for myself! :)

KimHo said...

Yup, that's a challenge! If you do go, try to go during the "busy" hours - around lunch time and between 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Similar to other pizza shops, it is usually between these hours that the pies come out fresh from the oven.

Chris said...

Hey Sherman, how were the sesame seeds involved? Crushed or just scattered you think they were put on before anything else.

I ask, because I use a lot of whole and crushed sesame seeds in my breads and while I've heard of it in pizza dough before it never really clicked until now. I'm thinking about adding this to my next pie..

Kevin said...

Ah-Beetz > All....!

But for late night pizza, I really have no preference between Pizza Garden or Uncle Fatih's, because's late night. :)

Sherman Chan said...

Chris, it looks like the sesame seeds are just scattered on the crust. It was indeed quite aromatic that way once baked.

Kev you are absolutely right. As long as it's decent, I'll eat it at 2am.

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