Sherman's Food Adventures: The Patty Shop

The Patty Shop

So this is a complete random food adventure. You see, I was at West Side Bakery looking for some of their fabulous butter cheese buns and there was this interesting store beside it. On the outside, it wasn't much to look at. In fact, it had the same generic awning as West Side Bakery. Rather, the name of the store really piqued my interest - The Patty Shop. Before you jump to conclusions, it's not a hamburger joint or have anything to do with cow patties. Instead, it was a Jamaican patty shop. Jamaican patties? Score! I love Jamaican patties. To me, this is the most odd location for this shop. You'd expect to find
something like this on the Drive (Commerical). Whatever the case, Viv and I were quite anxious to try these patties!

Despite just finishing up Dim Sum at Golden Star not too long ago, we got one patty each @ $1.90. We got one mild and one hot. The first thing that I noticed was how flaky the pasty was. Some patties I've had in the past are too much like a pizza pop. Not this one, it was flaky and light (lotsa butter or lard!). One bite into it and #$)#$&*)#&$#!!! The darn thing was steaming hot!!! We both burnt the roofs of our mouths! I realize that they make 'em fresh all day and keep them warm; but I didn't know it would be this hot! I had to go to the grocery next door for some cold drinks. I think we almost visited every store on this block in one try! Anyways, once we let our mouths recover, we settled into enjoying our patties. We really liked the texture of the meat. It was smooth without loosing its "meatiness". There was a background spiciness to the hot patty which was very good. The mild one had a bit of spice; but we liked the spicy one more.

TS (eating_club Vancouver) bought a whole bag of frozen patties from here before and thought they were not bad. I trust her judgment. However, her sister wasn't as impressed. I guess the jury is out on the frozen patties. Although, I can assure you that the fresh ones are flaky, flavourful and HOT!

The Good:
- Really flaky and light pastry
- Lots of smooth beef filling
- Inexpensive

The Bad:
- It's strictly takeout (not sure if that's bad, but it is worth mentioning)

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Jeannette said...

Oh my, the words used herein....buttery, flakey, are on a serious adventure. I just stumbled in and was glad I did. Fun blog.

Sherman Chan said...

Thanks Jeannette!

holly said...

You've discovered my favourite place for yummy jamaican patties. I have frequented this place since my university days and still have not found anywhere (my sister swears they make even more delicious ones in Toronto) that rivals these. You can't get much fresher than hot out of the oven. Just wait for them to cool a bit if you can.

Their rotating daily specials are also interesting, but I still love the spicy beef one.

Sherman Chan said...

Yes Holly, it was a random discovery. Didn't even know this place existed. Now I do!

Chris said...

I love that you just finished dimsum too. You're like a professional eater Sherman!

Sherman Chan said...

That's funny Chris! I do eat a lot, that is true!

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