Sherman's Food Adventures: Chicken World

Chicken World

Deep fried foods, so crispy and delicious; yet so sinful at the same time. I had the deep fried cravings today, particularly fish 'n chips. Having already visited the 2 nearest joints already (Ocean Ave & Dock House), I had my sights set on Mr. Pickwick's. I headed over to the little known Surrey location out on 96th and 128th. I pulled into the parking lot and WTF? It was randomly closed today! I hate restaurants that do that! My fish 'n chip quest came to a screeching halt. What about the fried food??? Does that mean I have to go get a salad instead? Wait, what's that place across the parking lot? Chicken World?!?!? What is that??? Honestly, it didn't look too inviting from the outside, with it's Church's-type special plastered on the door. Well, it is fried and I do like chicken. WTH, let's do it. Let's try this random fried chicken joint even though it resembled a fast food restaurant from a teen flick.

Okay, the place ain't too big; but there's like one person manning the front counter, the kitchen and the drive-thru window! Talk about multitasking. Reminds me of the Quickie Mart. Interestingly on the menu, they were serving "desert". I guess I should've left right there. But I apprehensively got some chicken and wings to go. I went for half spicy and half regular for the chicken and hot for the wings. I sat down and waited, waited and waited some more. I guess that's what you get when one person does the job of 3. They must be saving a lot on labour costs or on the laughable signage of a rooster happily grasping a globe. I finally got my order and went off on my merry way.

Alas, I arrive back at my desk and excitingly open up the box to reveal... some pretty sad looking chicken wings. Have you ever looked at food and knew you weren't going to like it without eating it? Well, these mushy, over-floured chicken appendages were making me crave KFC, which is not a good thing. I'm not sure how they were fried because I could boil wings that are crispier than these ones. The best part of them was the bottled hot sauce they must've used to flavour them. Moving along, I opened the big box and the fried chicken pieces looked edible. I lifted the greasy drumstick and put my teeth into it. Hmm... quite tender, but what was I eating? Did they not season the chicken? It was devoid of flavour. Even the spicy pieces were bland. Alright, let me get the ketchup. This is sad, I've got ketchup flavoured greasy chicken for lunch. Serves me right for going to a random fried chicken joint. Alright, get me some LA Chicken!

The Good:
- Chicken was juicy
- I got to write a blog about it
- Someone else ate the hot wings for me

The Bad:
- Water has more flavour than the chicken
- Peking Duck is less greasy than this

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Chris said...

"- I got to write a blog about it. Someone else ate the hot wings for me"

Bahahahah!! The first picture is awesome, I was just hoping that Jay and Silent Bob would be leaning against the power meters.

Sherman Chan said...

LOL Chris... That's along the same lines when I thought that this place belonged in a movie!

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