Sherman's Food Adventures: Wonton Noodles

Wonton Noodles

*Restaurant is now closed*

Yes, you are not reading a misprint, this place is actually called Wonton Noodles. Not the most original name is it? It's along the same lines as Beefy Beef Noodle and Pizza Pizza. Honestly, we were not really in the mood to eat Chinese food tonight; but there is not much to choose from at 1:30am. Believe it or not, this place is open until 5:00am! There are not many places that are open that late (or early). Other than the craptastic places such as Top's, Knight & Day and Denny's, you'd be hard pressed to find grub at this time of morning. Well, there is Hamburger Mary's, which is pretty decent. By sheer coincidence, I've
recently eaten at On Lok, Penny, Koko and Wonton Noodles which are essentially within the same block. Not sure if that was done consciously or not. Joining me for this early morning snack was Polka King, Milhouse and Lionel Hutz. We arrived to a relatively empty restaurant (yah go figure, at 1:30am). However, while we were there, a constant stream of business kept coming in. Don't people have to sleep? Wait, why am I up? Alright, the last time I've been to Wonton Noodles was around 12 years ago - no joke! It was right after a night of clubbing. Yes, it's been THAT long! Naturally, I have no memory whatsoever of this place, except for the hideous looking plastic awning/cover at the front of the restaurant.

I wasn't really all that hungry and only went for the Wonton Soup. I ask for the exclusion of green onions and guess what it arrived with? Yup, green onions. I always wonder if servers or kitchen staff even give a crap about special requests. Anyways, the broth was quite rich and flavourful. I only hoped it wasn't because of MSG. Although the wontons were not really all that big; they were full of shrimp. Not the best wontons I've ever had; but for 2:00am in the morning, they were solid and better than On Lok and Penny. Polka King had the Shrimp & Scramble Eggs (Boss Woman's favourite, too bad she wasn't here!). It really didn't look all that good since the shrimp were paler than boiled chicken. However, it seemed to be cooked correctly and Polka King indicated that it tasted better than it looked. For some inexplicable reason, Lionel Hutz ordered the Buhdda's Feast which is essentially a plate of stir-fried veggies. Well, it was a plate of veggies that have been stir-fried... Moving on, Milhouse got the biggest meal, in the form of the Black Bean Beef Fried Noodles. He declared that only half would be eaten and the rest for lunch tomorrow. Naturally, he finished the whole darn thing. When we say fried, the noodles are indeed deep fried and then topped with a black bean sauce with beef, onions and peppers. The dish looked quite appetizing and Milhouse concurred by finishing it off. As Todd Bertuzzi once stated, "it is what it is", and Wonton Noodles is exactly that. Not somewhere I would visit regularly; but if it's 2:00am in the morning, it fits the bill.

The Good:
- Open really late (or is it early?)
- Food is passable
- Inexpensive

The Bad:
- Food is only passable
- Don't expect too much service

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