Sherman's Food Adventures: L.A. Chicken

L.A. Chicken

What comes to mind when you think of fried chicken in the GVRD? KFC? If you enjoy overcooked and salty chicken. Church's? If you enjoy chicken that only tastes like salt (although I don't mind it). Chicken World? Bleck! Primetime? Let's not go there... Of course there are finer dining establishments with their own rendition of fried chicken; but it's really not all that cheap. What to do if you want fried chicken that is not any of the above? Well, we did have Popeye's until it closed down. Same with Lee's Chicken. How about LA Chicken? No, it's not a French restaurant specializing in Coq au Vin; rather it's LA as in the city. From the outside, it looks kinda sad. On the inside, it looks even sadder. How can a place that looks so crappy and run by minimal staff have good chicken? Well, think of their chicken as taking the best parts of the other places. Also, if it tastes similar to Lee's, it's because LA Chicken used to be Lee's.

The chicken is tender and juicy, much like Church's; yet the meat doesn't taste like it's been brined to death. The skin is a better version of KFC where it is more peppery than salty. It's also very crispy, not like KFC's "kept in the warmer until it's soggy" skin. Another bonus is that the chicken actually has meat on it. It makes KFC look like they're serving Cornish game hens. The fries are your typical frozen variety; but at least they are fried up quite crispy and not oily. The accompanying gravy looks more like mud with ants in it; yet, don't let looks deceive you. It is actually quite tasty, again, being quite peppery. Great for dipping the crispy fries and chicken meat into. Of course anyone from down South would laugh at our selection of fried chicken; but LA Chicken is probably the best of the bunch here in the GVRD.

The Good:
- Chicken is decent in size
- Not overcooked, still juicy and tender
- Batter is flavourful and peppery

The Bad:
- It's in Richmond (well, their only location)
- Don't expect it to be too fast, they fry it when you order it (which can be a good thing)

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KimHo said...

Well, we did have Popeye's until it closed down. Same with Lee's Chicken.

But, as we found out, if you are *really* desperate for Lee's Chicken, you know were to go, hehehehe. And, if you think about it, that drive might be safer than driving to Richmond!

I would like to give L.A. Chicken a try again but, as mentioned endless amount of times, ah, the drive to Richmond. It is fortunate, though, that it is way east of No 3 Road and Garden City...

Sherman Chan said...

Yes, but I'd still do Abbotsford first! LOL...

KimHo said...

Or Maple Ridge, as she mentioned they have one there!

Sherman Chan said...

There is? Even though it's farther away, I might do it!

holly said...

I tried LA Chicken recently and the chicken was very crunchy and juicy. I tried one of each and I prefer the regular to the spicy version. They must have read your comments about the gravy because it was dark brown. I liked that it wasn't too salty as some tend to be.

I would come here again the next time I get a chicken craving, as Richmond is closer than Abbotsford or Burlington.

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