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I'm not sure why Costanza and I go to the Vancouver International Car Show every year.  It's not like we were in the market for a car.  We had both just recently bought new cars.  Is it that we were wanting to look a the new Smart Car?  No, that wouldn't fit our lifestyles...  I'm not sure if I could fit my goalie bag in there anyways. And besides, I couldn't put big rims on it either.  Really, it is probably we had nothing better to do.  In fact, my only reason for going was that we'd be eating afterwards!  Funny how I didn't really have anywhere in mind though.  I left it up to him and he suggested Crave.  Hey why not, I haven't been back there for quite some time...

We started with their popular Short Rib Poutine with a side of truffle mayo.  This was a fairly large portion with plenty of short rib on top.  The fries were crispy, even though they were drenched in a good amount of moisture - perfect for dipping into the flavourful mayo.  That was in addition to the already truffle-infused fries with a balanced amount of Parmesan.  What really stood out was the moist, tender shreds of short rib.  They were meaty and full of natural flavour rather than being overseasoned.  When we ordered the Popcorn Shrimp, we weren't expecting much, but to our surprise, it was a huge portion of buttery cold water shrimp encased in a paper thin crispy coating.  It was slightly greasy, but good nonetheless.  The accompanying sweet chili mayo was quite mild and very creamy.  It could've stood to be a bit more impactful.

For our mains, I went with my standby being the Slow Braised Lamb Shank served with whipped potatoes, roasted root vegetables and fresh veggies.  I found the large lamb shank to be prepared beautifully with a nice roasted exterior giving way to super moist and tender meat.  It exhibited a gelatinous richness that we associate with well-prepared lamb shank.  Although the braising liquid was not devoid of flavour, I would've preferred a bit more body.  Costanza ended up with more shortrib in the Shorty Rigatoni.  Viv and I had this the last time we were here and it was just as good as I remembered it.  With al dente pasta and a plethora of the same meaty shredded short rib, this was a hearty offering.  Lots of natural meat flavour as well as a balanced tomato ragout.  Once again, Crave didn't disappoint.  For the prices they charge and the food quality, I really wish people would skip the chain restaurants.

The Good:
- Okay pricing
- Good portions
- Good food

The Bad:
- Super small with tight seating (although there is a patio when the weather is nice)

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LotusRapper said...

Crave is a consistent, reliable "CFD" go-to for us. Service is friendly and attentive (hard not to in that small space). The ingredients and presentations are simple, quality and inviting. And v. good value IMO. Their $11 organic beef burger with fries is probably the best deal in town, bar none.

Winnie said...

Love their patio for brunch. I still haven't had dinner there yet after all these years. I am sure my hubby would love to go there for poutine and organic beef burger.

LotusRapper said...


Here's the burger. Mmmmm :-)

Winnie said...


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