Sherman's Food Adventures: Mega Donair

Mega Donair

When a hidden gem never makes it past being "hidden", often it ends up closing.  That's what happened to my favourite place for freshly fried falafels...  Ben Laila didn't last very long, but in its short existence, there was a loyal following.  Now, rising from the ashes, Mega Donair has set up shop. For me, many of the donair joints in town are roughly the same, offering the same items at the same reasonable prices.  But there is something that sets Mega Donair apart - they make their own Pita Bread to order.  That's right, much like fresh pizza dough, they flatten it out and grill it on the flat top when you order.  You can't get anymore fresher than that.

That wonderful chewy bread went with my Combo Plate consisting of lamb and chicken. It included a salad, humus and rice.  There was an option to supersize it, but the regular size was more than enough food.  The humus was smooth and complimented the fresh bread.  I found the lamb moist while the chicken a touch dry, yet was somewhat alleviated by the good amount of garlicky tzatziki.  I got a Beef Donair as well since the place is named Mega Donair.  Well, it was certainly large in size with plenty of tender meat and fresh ingredients.  Again, the fresh bread really made the difference as it did not have that "stale" quality like the packaged stuff.

Lastly, I got a few Falafels just for the heck of it (since the last place had the best falafels). They were fried fresh which ensured their crunchiness.  However, I found them rather dense and lacking in flavour.  The dousing of sauces helped in that regard though. Whatever the case, the fact they make their bread to order is a real plus.  I hope this place survives longer than the last one.

The Good:
- Fresh, made-to-order bread
- Good portions
- Nice people

The Bad:
- If it matters, food takes a bit longer due to the freshly-made bread (worth it IMO)

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