Sherman's Food Adventures: PazzaRella Auto Pizzeria Napoletana

PazzaRella Auto Pizzeria Napoletana

Will all the recent openings of Neapolitan-style pizza joints in the past couple of years, there is no shortage of choices.  However, what if I told you that once could find Neapolitan-style pizza from a food truck.  Um...  How would they generate enough heat to make that kind of pizza???  Simple, put a wood-burning oven in the truck itself!  Seriously???  Well, if one wanted to hawk this kind of pizza, the necessary tools and ingredients are essential.  So Whipping Girl and I made our way out to Victory Square for some mobile pizza action.  Luckily I picked her up too, she didn't seem to have the proper walking attire (reminded me of Mijune...).

Naturally, we shared a Margherita to start as a baseline of sorts.  As shown clearly in the picture, the crust was nicely charred and blistered around the edges.  The bottom could've stood to be charred more though.  However, the crust was far from being soggy. In fact, it had an appealing chewiness to it and was well-seasoned.  For something from a food truck, this was a surprisingly good thin-crust pizza.  We found the tomato sauce to be mild, yet balanced with just the right amount of cheese.  However, we would've liked to see the basil added after the cooking process as it was pretty shriveled up.  

Our second pizza was the Prosciutto with arugula. As expected, it was heartier and saltier due to the addition of the prosciutto.  Other than that, it was pretty much similar to the Margherita.  In the end, we were pretty satisfied with our visit to PazzaRella and although it wasn't the best Neapolitan pizza we've ever had, it was the best from a food truck and then some.

The Good:
- Well-priced
- Wood burning oven in a food truck!
- Above average

The Bad:
- Could use more leoparding on the bottom 

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