Sherman's Food Adventures: Gaya Sushi

Gaya Sushi

"We haven't eaten at a restaurant for a long time...", exclaimed my son one random evening.  That was bizarre.  The very same son who could eat Kraft Dinner for 7 days straight complaining about not eating out?!?!?  "Go ask Mom", I replied.  LOL, defer responsibility...  Since it was a weeknight, we decided to go somewhere near, which happened to be the recently opened Gaya Sushi.  At first glance, the place looked like any other neighbourhood Japanese joint, but once inside, the place was bustling with activity.  So much so, we were not acknowledge for a good 7 minutes.  We finally were seated 10 minutes after walking in and not before the person beside us indicating we were before them (the staff didn't even notice this).  The fact that someone actually admitted to being behind in a lineup was refreshing (it proves we weren't in Richmond!).

After sitting down, a familiar face strolled into the joint - Dark Helmet!  A foodie in his own right, he said the place was pretty good and to be sure to try the Chirashi Don.  And that we did.  For $10.95, we thought it was a fabulous value since there was a good array of fresh sashimi on top of chewy flavourful sushi rice (with a drizzle of chili oil). We ended up with some maki sushi as well consisting of the Red Dragon and House Roll.  The house roll was packed with ingredients with a minimal layer of sushi rice.  It was a little loose, falling apart when we picked it up.  Nevertheless, it was good for $4.95.  The dragon roll was  essentially a dynamite roll topped with spicy tuna.  The roll was fine, but lacked any real spiciness.  We found the sushi rice to have a good chewy texture with only a mild amount of flavour.

For the kiddies, we got them an order of Assorted Tempura, which they proceeded to demolish.  So much so, we had to order a prawn tempura to supplement.  Reason why was because the batter was light and crispy while the dish was served piping hot.  Since they couldn't survive on tempura alone (they might differ in opinion), we got them the Yaki Udon as well.  It was on the sweeter side due to the amount of onion used in the dish (since we asked for no bean sprouts).  However, it wasn't too wet and the 2 pieces of shrimp and mussels were cooked nicely.  Lastly, we had and order of Gyoza and they were so-so.  They were not as crisp as the visuals would suggest and the filling was a bit mushy.  Despite this, the food in general was surprisingly decent at a reasonable price. Not bad for the area.

The Good:
- Reasonably-priced
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Service is lacking
- Parking lot fills up quick

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