Sherman's Food Adventures: Kenzo


Okay, I'm sure with most blogs (including this one), you heard the intro sounding like this: "I've always driven by this place and really wanted to try it...".  Sure it's cliched and ultimately boring, but for this time, it was completely true.  I've literally driven by Kenzo out in Burnaby hundreds of times without stopping to try it out.  Finally, the day had come.  Even with protests from Viv (because she heard it was so-so) and a somewhat illegal traffic maneuver (kinda impossible to get into the parking lot from Griffiths),  I stopped the car and marched into the restaurant. And quite evidently, it is a Korean-run Ramen joint (with many Korean offerings as well).

Since the kiddies are in complete fascination with Prawn Tempura these days, I got an order. These were large, butterflied and ultimately decent. They were crunchy and not overly greasy.  Only complaint was the obvious residue of the veins.  I had the Shio Ramen and it was a decent portion.  The broth was not very salty being on the lighter side (I believe it was made of chicken).  It would never be mistakened for a true Japanese ramen not only for the broth, but for the overcooked boiled egg and the slightly chewy chashu.  Viv had the Kimchi Ramen and by virtue of kimchi seasoning, it was more flavourful.  It wasn't particularly spicy, but it did have a mild kick.  Much like my bowl of ramen, the noodles were al dente and remained as such to the last strand.

The kiddies shared an Oyako Don, which was not particularly great.  The rice was decent though being chewy and not wet.  However, there wasn't enough sauce to moisten it up.  Furthermore, the chicken was dry and chewy. Well, I gotta admit that Viv was right.  Our visit to Kenzo was so-so.  Not horrible, but nothing we are dying to eat again.  I guess I'll keep on driving by like I usually do.

The Good:
- Friendly staff
- Okay pricing

The Bad:
- Food is "meh"

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