Sherman's Food Adventures: EAT! Vancouver 2013

EAT! Vancouver 2013

Here we go again, another year of EAT! Vancouver 2013 and I was given a media pass to check it out.  I arrived early to take a gander at all the various exhibitors and available eats.  The usual tourism booths were mixed in with a diverse selection of products that could be eaten or used to create eats.  I brought along Choobee since I hate being alone and plus, she loves food as well.  Although she has not updated her blog in years!  Anyways, I sought out Kitchening & Co. first because her macarons are one of the best kept secrets in town.  Much better than some of the big boys in my opinion.

With a big "food truck" type display, the people from Oikos (by Dannon) were really pushing their yogurt.  And with good reason too because the choice of flavours were both interesting and appealing.  I went for the Key Lime with toasted coconut topping while Choobee had the Fig.  We bumped into Sean and he had the Coconut Vanilla with dried cranberries.  I really liked the rich thick yogurt which was just sweet enough with the refreshing hit of key lime.  The crispy toasted coconut was a nice addition.  Nearby, Saman Bakery were offering up samples of their carckers and treats including a moist and chocolaty Macaroon.  Yes, not a macaron, but a macaroon (the one with the toasted coconut, not almond flour).

Choobee wandered around and spotted some chocolate from Green & Blacks which is both organic and fair trade.  She tried some of the dark chocolate and it was pretty good with a nice bitterness while being not too sweet.  I went for the milk chocolate and I found it sweet, yet still nice.  I was quite thirsty at this point and went looking for some refreshment.  After a few rounds, I decided that I'd better get a bottle of Mash, because it was a low calorie alternative to the really sweet offerings.  The Lemon Peel Ginger Root was just the right drink as it was refreshing and lightly sweet with a balanced amount of ginger and lemon.

Of course we couldn't leave without hitting up the Bites of Vancouver.  I got a few tickets and paid a visit to one of my favs right away - EBO.  They were serving a couple of their signature items being the Chicken Satay atop freshly made Roti.  Yes, that sounds strange for a non-Malay restaurant, but trust me, the man in charge knows what he's doing.  Also, the Lamb Slider on brioche was really good being juicy and flavourful.  At first, I wasn't going to get a Dunn's Smoked Meat Sandwich, but I gave in.  I essentially picked at the meat as I wasn't going to fill up on bread. It was pretty good being moist and flavourful.

Lastly, I decided to try the Chili from Gramercy Grill and although it was on the watery side, it did exhibit a impactful spice level.  There was a nice balance of ingredients as well.  Of course the limited items that I did try was only a small taste of EAT! Vancouver.  It runs until Sunday, May 26th, so you still have time to check out these and much more.


Unknown said...

Great running into you Sherman! Thanks for the info about Ebo. I didn't even know they were there! Definitely gonna try the roti. Looks delish in your picture.

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