Sherman's Food Adventures: Lido Chinese Restaurant

Lido Chinese Restaurant

It was a cold and rainy day...  I dunno, I'm not even sure if it was rainy, I just ran out of sentence starters!  LOL...  Blogging practically everyday since late 2008 can do that to someone!  Anyways, what I do know is that I met up with Rock Guy for some Westernized Chinese food in Surrey one cold winter's day.  The restaurant of choice was Lido, which I'm not completely sure if it was related to the now closed Lido Buffet a few blocks away.  I definitely know it has not relation to the Lido in Richmond (where you will find some of the best Pineapple Buns in town).

Seeing how the lunch specials would be the best bet to get a sense of the menu, we got one each.  Both started off with a bowl of Wonton Soup, which was actually not bad.  Naturally, we weren't going to find the all-shrimp variety, but for being all-pork, it was more than passable.  The meat was moist with a bit of chew while the soup was okay since it wasn't some chicken bouillon broth.  For my main, I went for the Sweet & Sour Pork with Broccoli Beef.  The pork was not as crispy as it appeared, yet at the very least, the meat was not dry.  The radioactive sauce was mostly sweet with very little sour.  As for the broccoli, it was still crisp and vibrant while the meager amount of sliced beef was tender.

Rock Guy decided on the Chicken Chow Mein with Almond Chicken. The chow mein was pretty typical where it wasn't soggy nor too salty.  The chicken was fried crispy and only moderately greasy.  As you can see, the food is indeed passable, but nothing to write home about.  Okay for a quick inexpensive lunch or takeout, but not high on my list for a return visit either.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Passable food

The Bad:
- Passable Food
- Don't expect real Chinese food here

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