Sherman's Food Adventures: Donair Affair (Surrey)

Donair Affair (Surrey)

Often, Vietnamese or Chinese food are my default cuisine choices when I'm looking for a quick, cheap and filling meal.  Think of it, a large plate or bowl of whatever for under $8.00 can be had.  However, as you can probably ascertain, the overwhelming amount of Asian food in this town can sometimes eclipse other choices.  Another place to fill your tummy for cheap would be the good ol' donair, shawarma, gyro or that-kinda-place. Think end credits of The Avengers.  Now, I'm no Iron Man, but I do have an iron stomach of sorts, except when it comes to the dreaded onion (but you really don't want to hear about that).  So off I went to Donair Affair in search of cheap eats.

I started with the Falafel Donair first and it was bursting at the seams (literally, as stuff was squirting out) with sauce and ingredients.  I liked the freshness of the lettuce as well as the vibrant tomatoes combined with the 3 different sauces.  The hot sauce was there, but wasn't really that spicy.  As for the falafels, they were premade, hence there was no crunch or textural contrasts.  Rather, it was crumbly and soft.  That didn't really bother me that much since the whole thing was satisfying.  The one thing that did annoy me somewhat was the salt content.  I got a Chicken Donair for Mrs. Spray Bottle and it was brimming full of nicely charred chicken meat.  It was still moist though with lots of natural sweet flavour.  Again, combined with the rest of the ingredients, it was a good and fulfilling concoction.

Lastly, my Lamb Platter was absolutely massive with lots of processed lamb meat.  It wasn't particularly lamb tasting and a bit dry, yet all the sauce on top made up for it.  The accompanying hummus was texturally smooth with some grittiness.  It did have a good lemon hit though.  Boy was I stuffed after the falafel donair.  Imagine how full I was after the platter...  Donair Affair hit the spot in terms of price, portion and quality.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Large portions
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Decent eats, but some aspects could be better such as the falafels and dry lamb

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LotusRapper said...

Donair Affair ?

" ..... bursting at the seams (literally, as stuff was squirting out) with sauce .... " ??

Stranger (and more entertaining) than fiction ;-)

There's a falafel dig near my home called "Falafully Good". Some people try too hard to come up with witty, catchy (and ultimately kitchy) names !

nitroburn said...

I love Donair Affair, but you have to have a tough stomach sometimes as you watch them clearly violate food safe rules when they are rushing. Quite often go from handling money to preparing your food with no washing of their hands and when they do wash, it is more of a quick rinse. Only got sick from it once, but is so good I keep coming back. Wife refuses to eat it now which means I have to find something else for her the nights I really want it. Also have to watch out for raw chicken which I've got twice (that I've noticed). Even watched them take off some of the undercooked chicken (still translucent) and put it into the warming dish they use. Hope it cooked enough for the next customers.

As I type this out, I really wonder why I keep going back, but it just tastes so good. Love the super chicken.

LotusRapper said...

@nitroburn - I think you should report them to Surrey municipal health officials, or Fraser Health inspectors. You got lucky (more or less) from getting sick only once. But salmonella and E-Coli is no laughing matter as you can imagine, and people can get very ill (even fatally) from improperly handled or prepared foods. It would seem like a kick up their pants, but you're doing them and the general public a favor in the long run. Your personal experience and observations would really bolster the credibility of your reporting of them. So please do so for the sake of others (not to mention an improved Donair Affair would appeal to your wife too !

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