Sherman's Food Adventures: Dasarang Chicken

Dasarang Chicken

Originally, Milhouse and I were going for ramen after Sunday morning hockey.  But JuJu threw out a suggestion that we should try some Korean fried chicken at Dasarang on North Road.  That sounded great as it had been on my wish list for years now.  However, JuJu wasn't joining us...  Something about spending time with his family...  pfffft...  Didn't matter to us as we still headed there with the intention of ordering too much food.

With that firmly planted in our minds, we ended up ordering the half and half of the regular Fried Chicken and Yangnyeon Chicken.  We found the regular to crispy on the outside while succulent and well-seasoned on the inside.  The best analogy would be Church's Fried Chicken, except not as salty.  As for the spicy, it was sticky and sweet with only a touch of heat.  The chicken was similar to the regular, but more wet due to the sauce.  Of course that wouldn't be enough food right?  Well, not for us as at least.  We also had something similar in the Chicken Tang Soo Yuk.   Each large nugget of chicken was moist with only a modest layer of batter.  It was sweet and spicy, but a bit more spicy than the previous dish.

Lastly, we had the Pineapple Fried Rice.  I wasn't a huge fan of it because it was too wet and rather lifeless in flavour. It didn't seem like there was enough wok heat (and/or the rice was too wet to begin with). Although not super greasy, the rice went down a touch oily.  Since I wanted to try a few more dishes, I returned one day for lunch by myself.  Guess who was already there?  Yes, JuJu...  Isn't that ironic, don't you think?  Well, I got the Kimchi Fried Rice to see if the aforementioned dish was a one-off.  Well, it wasn't.  This fried rice was very greasy and ate as such.  On the other hand, it was flavouful with just the right amount of spice and acidity.  The rice was chewy as well.

I also got the Fishcake Soup Noodles and boy was it a large bowl.  Steaming hot and full of slippery (somewhat soft) noodles, this would be really satisfying if it were Winter.  Alas, it was 30 degrees outside...  Anyways, the soup base was light and a bit sweet (while lacking depth) where the various fishcake ensured that I would be full. So from my 2 visits to Dasarang, it is pretty clear they make some good fried chicken.  However, the rest of the food is pretty average.

The Good:
- Tasty fried chicken
- Despite being sparse, the service was decent both times

The Bad:
- Everything other than the fried chicken that I tried was average
- Service okay, but limited to one person

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Aviator said...

Yay you finally did a review for dasarang!! Took a year but you did it lol. Perhaps a review for Buk Jang, Milk and Sugar Cafe,icy bar and KD restaurant next? ;)

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