Sherman's Food Adventures: The Railway Club

The Railway Club

Awhile back, Vandelay and I had lunch at The Railway Club in Downtown Vancouver.  I'm not sure what was more strange, Vandelay coming out for lunch (because I swear he had been abducted by aliens) or that we ate at The Railway Club.  Let me explain, The Railway Club has been around forever, but is not often spoken of when referring to food.  Live music, affordable beverages and traditional ambiance are more likely descriptors.  Since that visit, they have been trying to get the word out about their value-driven menu.  Therefore, I was invited to there to try a few more items from their new menu.

I ended up enlisting the help of Grace because heck, I can't eat all the food myself (even if you thought I could!).  Getting straight to the new stuff, we tried 2 of their pizzas including the Margherita and Prosciutto Funghi. With dough provided by Bonchaz Bakery, the crust was slightly crisp on the outer edges while progressively becoming doughier at the centre.  However, for $9.00, this has to be one of the least expensive versions of this pizza in town.  We found the tomato sauce to be fresh-tasting and mild while the bits of tomato added some brightness.  There was ample cheese and basil (which added a nice aroma).  As for the second pizza, it was loaded with toppings which made for a more saltier flavour profile (which was a good salty btw).

Despite the new items, I decided to go back to the well and order the De-Railer Burger with blue cheese, fried onions and sauteed mushrooms.  I had this last time and it was just as good.  The meat patty was thick and not overcooked while the sharpness of the cheese went well with the sweetness of the onions and woodsiness of the mushrooms.  The brioche bun was also provided by Bonchaz and it held up well to the ingredients.  Served on the side were baked seasoned wedges that were okay, but I personally prefer fries.  Lastly, we tried their Baked Chili Lime Wings.  Despite not seeing the deep fryer, these wings still sported some crispiness while being much less greasy.  The lime was a bit obscured by the sweet chili sauce, but all-in-all the wings were enjoyable.  In conclusion, one could find better pizza and burgers in Vancouver, but certainly at this price point.

*All food, beverages and gratuities were complimentary*

The Good:
- Really inexpensive
- Decent eats
- Reasonably-priced drinks

The Bad:
- Interior is a little worn
- Ordering system should be table service

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LotusRapper said...

The Railway Club is still around ? Amazing. The last time I was there was prolly the late '90s.

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