Sherman's Food Adventures: Meat City Sandwiches

Meat City Sandwiches

What if I told you that there is a place where streets are lined with prime rib and it rains roast pork?  How about the only vegetables in existence are breaded and fried?  This either sounds like utopia for some or a complete nightmare for vegetarians/vegans.  Welcome to Meat City where the streets aren't really lined with prime rib, but we can only dream right?  Located on Davie, Meat City Sandwiches is the brainchild of onetime BC Lion and former contestant on Masterchef Canada, Jon Hameister-Ries.  Milhouse and I decided to check the place out after a session of Sunday morning hockey.

We noticed that the best way to try everything on the menu was to go for their World Platter for 2 consisting of Roast Porchetta, Roast Chicken and Slow Roasted Prime Rib.  Rounding out the platter was House-made Kettle Chips, Chili-Lime Corn on the Cob, Fried Green Beans & Aspargus, Mac n' Cheese, sauces and bread.  In our opinion, $30.00 is a fair price for the amount of food.  I went straight for the Prime Rib first and since it was predominantly the cap portion, the meat was fatty and super tender.  There was very little chewing needed as it almost melted in our mouths.  It was amply seasoned, so it could stand on its own, but at the same time it went well with the Horsy Mustayo (as it provided a mild bite and tang).  Next, we dug into the whole Roast Chicken Leg that had been brined for 2 days.  As such, it was succulent and flavourful.  One by-product of the super tender meat, the chicken skin wasn't rendered enough.  The sauce that went the best with this were the Smoky Onion Chickenaise and Spinach Artichoke Sauce. 

The last meat we tried was the Porchetta and it was only mildly fatty.  It wasn't exactly melt-in-our mouths tender, but it was tender nonetheless.  Again, it was well-seasoned where the side of Swinesa Verde added a garlicky and herb essence.  Unfortunately, we didn't get any crackling (as with the sandwich).  All of the aforementioned sauces were good for the Homemade Chips including the Garlic Dip.  These thick-cut potato chips were firmly crunchy and nicely seasoned.  Equally crunchy, the Fried Beans and Asparagus were coated with just enough breading (which stayed adhered to each piece).  My favourite side was the Chili-Lime Corn which featured intense flavours from the spicy salt with a touch of lime at the end.  On the other hand, the corn was a bit dry.  The big bowl of Mac n' Cheese was super buttery with clumps of intermittent cheese.  The noodles were a touch soft while the ample crumble added texture.  Believe it or not, we finished the platter (well, Milhouse did most of the heavy lifting).  The pork could've been more succulent, but most of the other items were pretty good.  Lastly, it would've been nice if someone provided descriptions of what was exactly on the platter (especially the sauces).

The Good:
- Sides were not bad
- Prime rib and chicken on point
- Okay pricing

The Bad:
- Porchetta could be more succulent
- Corn could be less dry

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