Sherman's Food Adventures: Kefi Greek Kouzina

Kefi Greek Kouzina

That's it.  No more chicken strips, mac n' cheese or grilled cheese!  Not only are these items completely a cop-out and default in terms of kiddie eats, there are practically not worth blogging about (assuming they are not the gourmet versions).  Hence, we were going for Greek food tonight and no, the kids were not allowed to choose the chicken strips off the kid's menu.  Well, that wasn't much of a stretch for my daughter (as she is a budding foodie), but for my son, it would be definitely a struggle.

So, imagine my surprise as my son agreed to try the Calamari.  Arriving as an adequate portion size, the small pieces of squid were fried masterfully.  Light and crisp while not greasy at all, the batter adhered to the squid consistently.  I liked how they seasoned the batter where it tasted good on its own.  The squid itself was tender, but maintained an appealing chewiness  Personally, I would've preferred that the tzatziki was thicker, yet it was completely garlicky with a good hit of acidity.  As part of our adult meals, we were started with a choice of Greek or Caeser Salad.  These were quite large and appeared to be fresh and vibrant.  They ate as good as they looked with all the right textures and flavours.  I particularly liked how the Greek salad was lightly dressed.

For my main, I went for the Roast Lamb with lemon potatoes and rice.  I felt this was a fair portion for the price.  Other than a few dry portions on the outside, the rest of the lamb was succulent, fatty and well-seasoned.  The lamb was marinated enough where the salt, Dijon mustard, spices and garlic penetrated the entire piece of meat.  For me, I love lemon and the potatoes had plenty of it as well as a firm, yet delicate texture.  I found the rice to be moist and chewy at the same time while lightly seasoned.  It was rather greasy though.  Viv decided on the Mediterranean Chicken with the same sides.  We thought that chicken was fairly moist considering it was the breast meat.  It was stuffed with feta, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach while finished with a retsina cream sauce.  The flavour profile was dominated by the tart and salty sundried tomatoes which was a good thing as the rest of the ingredients were quite mild.

My daughter went for the Chicken Souvlaki with lemon potatoes (kid's portion).  Taking after me, she loves lemon (so much so, she eats it plain sometimes), so she enjoyed the potatoes very much.  As for the souvlaki, it was nicely grilled with a golden exterior.  It was also well-marinated where the meat didn't need any condiments.  However, the meat was rather dry.  Taking one step at a time, we didn't force my son to order a Mousaka or anything.  Rather, he went for the safe Fettuccine Alfredo which was big enough to feed an adult.  The pasta was still toothsome while the sauce was definitely creamy with obvious hits of nutmeg.  It was on the peppery side though.  Overall, we enjoyed our experience at Kefi. The service we received was pretty good while the food was better than many reviews I've read.

The Good:
- Decent eats
- Extensive menu
- Kid-friendly and comfortable

The Bad:
- On the pricier side
- Modest portions

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