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Kick S Good

*Restaurant now closed*

What's in a name?  On the surface, Kick S Good doesn't look much different than Alfred E Neuman (What me worry?).  No, I'm not talking about a freckled faced dude, I'm referring to the middle initial, much like Johnny B Goode.  But upon further examination and reading the name over again, one can make out the real meaning (as in Kick A** Good).  Well, with a name like that, the food better be killer or related to a movie.  Or maybe they specialize in offal?  Whatever the case, we checked it out after our Friday night hockey game.

Being a Taiwanese spot, I decided to go for the classic Fried Squid Tentacles to start. These were firmly crunchy with a slightly oily exterior.  The tentacles were fairly well-seasoned with salt and white pepper.  I didn't even use the sweet chili sauce on the side (not sure if that would even taste good in this case).  For my main, I had the Chicken Steak with black pepper sauce on a sizzling cast iron plate.  This was a large portion of succulent chicken with overcooked spaghetti, crunchy broccoli and a fried egg.  As much as I enjoyed the ample chicken on the plate, the sauce killed the dish.  It was as if they decided to make it into black pepper candy.  The whole thing was far too sugary.

Milhouse went for his standard being the Sweet & Sour Fish (he loves S&S like white BMWs love fender benders in Richmond).  Crunchy on the outside while still flaky and moist on the inside, the basa filets were on point.  We found the sweet & sour sauce to be more sugary than sour though.  Benz had the Satay Beef Hot Pot and it was another large portion of food.  I sampled the broth and it was plenty flavourful but a tad sweet (was there a sale on sugar or something?).  At least there was a noticeable spice level that helped take away from the sugar.  On a more positive note, the ample slices of beef were fairly tender.

On another visit with Milhouse and Bear, we decided to share some items (yay!) beginning with the Crispy Chicken Nuggets.  If you were wondering why was there only one small piece of fried basil on top, well I was wondering the same thing.  I actually had to dig it out to put on top.  As for the nuggets, there were decent being juicy with a light crunch (and skinless).  There was definitely enough seasoning, yet it was mostly salt.  Next, we had the Fried Preserved Duck Eggs with a light drizzle of oyster-based sauce.  This was merely passable since the eggs were really firm and didn't take on any "cooked" quality.  I would've preferred the softer yolk eggs instead.

For our mains, we went for the classic Beef Noodle Soup. We decided to go for the medium spicy version and with a dollop of chili hot oil, there was no absence of kick.  However, beyond that, the soup base itself was weak with very little distinguishing flavours.  There was no depth nor meat flavour present.  The noodles were good though as well as the tender (if not a touch dry) slices of beef shank.  Milhouse was amused with the Gollum Mountain Chicken Nuggets with rice, so he wanted to see how it was.  Well, there was nothing "precious" about the dish, but it was flavourful with a wok toss in chilis, onions and Szechuan peppercorns.  The chicken was no longer crispy, but the meat was tender.

Bear decided to order the same Chicken Steak with black pepper sauce and rice (instead of spaghetti).  Well, despite being a duplicate, it allowed us to check out the consistency.  Sadly, the sauce was just as weak as before which meant it didn't taste right.  The chicken was still juicy, but seared a bit more this time around.  Overall, we found the food after 2 visits to Kick S Good to be more like "mediocre" rather than its namesake.  Unfortunately, Cattle Cafe is only 2 stores down and if we had to compare, Kick S Good isn't as well, good.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Okay pricing
- Free parking

The Bad:
- Mediocre eats
- Seating is odd due to the shape of the restaurant

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