Sherman's Food Adventures: Menchie's


There is no doubt in my mind if there was a Menchie's located closer to my house, my daughter would beg me to go every day.  She practically lives on the stuff.  On the other hand, my son has been a bystander on every visit.  You couldn't pay him enough to eat froyo.  But with the introduction of the Oreo Cookie flavour, there was hope.  You see, his treat of choice is Oreos.  So if one combines a preferred food item to a non-preferred food item, there is the possibility of acceptance.  We raced to the nearest Menchie's to test this theory out.

So without further ado, we pounced on the Oreo Cookie froyo and he proceeded to top it off with even more Oreos in the form of bits and a whole cookie.  Marshmallows, white chocolate chips and Reese Pieces were thrown in for good measure.  Just like the old commercials with Life cereal... "he likes it, he likes it!!!".  Yes, he ate it willingly, success!  Personally, I thought it was rather sweet, but what do I know, the kiddies seemed to love it.  My daughter was allowed to make her own which helps explain why it wasn't exactly photogenic.  She went for the Blueberry with assorted sour candies, marshmallows and chocolate chips on top as well some waffle pieces. I usually dislike anything blueberry flavoured because it just doesn't have much impact.  Well, this one wasn't bad and not overly sweet either.

For #MenchiesMyWay creation, I went for a combo of Peach Sorbet and Mango froyo with fresh strawberries, pineapple, mochi, popping pearls and a fuzzy peach gummy (my daughter's idea).  I liked the mango as it was creamy and purposefully sweet.  As expected, the peach sorbet was sweeter and really didn't taste too much like real peach.  I liked how it wasn't icy though, even for a sorbet.  Now here comes the good part, for a chance to win a Menchie's Summer VIP Pass (with 7 complimentary visits to any Menchie's across Canada), follow these 2 steps:

- Follow @Menchies_CA and @sherman38 on Twitter and/or Instagram
- Tweet/share an image of your own Menchie's creation with the hashtag #MenchiesMyWay: "Name of your creation" @Menchies_CA @sherman38

Deadline for entry is July 27th at midnight.  I will select the winning entry based on presentation and an awesome name for your creation.  Good Luck!

*2 of the 3 froyos were complimentary for this post*

The Good:
- Plenty of choice for froyo and toppings
- Smooth and not tart

The Bad:
- Some flavours are quite sweet (but the kids seem to like these the best...)
- Can get pricey if you pile it on

146 Brew St, Port Moody
(604) 492-0707

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