Sherman's Food Adventures: SY Farm Market

SY Farm Market

After a hiatus in my goal to try all the Chinese BBQ joints in the Lower Mainland, I made an impromptu stop at SY Farm Market on Hastings.  When I say impromptu, I really mean it as in "make a last minute lane change and turn onto a side street".  No, I didn't cause an accident nor cut-off anyone in the process.  Now on the other hand, next time I'm in Richmond, I will do the opposite because when in Rome...  Now back to the Chinese BBQ, the random stop was because I didn't have anything to cook for dinner and this was the best way to make it simple.

I picked up some BBQ Pork which was mostly lean with some fatty portions.  I found the meat to be slightly dry due to the cut of meat.  It was still sufficiently tender though.  Unlike the one found at HK BBQ Master (which I always use as a baseline comparison), this one was not charred enough nor was balanced in flavour.  It was more salty than sweet.  Overall, a serviceable portion of BBQ Pork, but not memorable.  I also got half a Soy Sauce Chicken and it was fantastic.  The skin was in a beautiful dark soy hue while the meat was moist and juicy (even the white meat).  I found that the soy cooking liquid had penetrated the meat, hence, it was flavourful on its own.  The size of the chicken was rather substantial as well.

Since I was going to use a portion of the BBQ Duck for stir-fried noodles, I decided to get a whole one.  The skin was nicely rendered and crispy while sporting a decent roasted hue.  Both the breast and thigh meat were succulent and well-seasoned.  Furthermore, I found that the duck was quite meaty since there was a substantial amount of meat after deboning.  On another visit, I picked up the soy chicken again and also the Roast Pork.  The meat was a tad on the drier side while being pretty salty.  The crackling was decent being a firm crunch.  So after trying out the main proteins, I will definitely come back for the soy sauce chicken and BBQ duck.  Not so sure with the BBQ pork or roast pork though.

The Good:
- Reasonably priced
- Really good soy sauce chicken

The Bad:
- Pork products are average

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