Sherman's Food Adventures: 33 Acres Brewing Co.

33 Acres Brewing Co.

As if downing dishes from The Pressure Box wasn't enough food, Sean and I decided to get some snacks from 33 Acres as we were waiting for our fried chicken.  The whole reason we were in there was not only to have a convenient spot to eat our food, but also to grab some beverages.  As mentioned in the previous blog post, it seemed like a match made in heaven since fried eats and cold brews make for some pretty happy people (I guess Sean and I were shiny happy people...).

For our bevvies, Sean went for the 33 Acres of Sunshine while I had the 33 Acres of Life.  Yes, we were in a good mood being shiny happy people.  The light unfiltered sunshine was refreshing and easy going down.  There was some citrus notes to go with a background aroma.  Despite being amber in colour, the 33 Acres of Life exhibited a refreshing bite.  It went well with the fried chicken.  With full sched of food trucks, 33 Acres maintains a simple "greatest hits" menu of local snacks including the Beef Jerky from Jerky Baron.  This was classic chewy (albeit chewable) meat that was lightly seasoned where it wasn't too salty nor sweet.  There was an appealing pepperiness to it.

Onto another local favourite, we had some Bee Kim Heng Pork Jerky.  Not much to say but to reiterate all of my past thoughts about the Singaporean-style jerky - meaty, while firmly tender with a nice char and sweet glaze.  Addictive and very tasty.  The final item on the greatest hits list was the Bestie Board with gherkins and pretzel.  We found the pretzel to be dense and chewy while the sausage was on point with a tender yet meaty texture that wasn't over-seasoned.  From this, I'm sure  you can see the main focus is on the fantastic brews with some snacks on the side.  On that note, 33 Acres does this well.

The Good:
- Casual, spacious spot for some drinks (which are very good) and snacks
- Full compliment of food trucks providing various eats

The Bad:
- Place is not particularly big
- Limited actual menu (but that is the point)   

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